Love for the Divine

What is love actually? If you love someone would you do anything for that person, even if it lands you in an awkward position with others? Would you miss that person when he or she is away and spent sleepless nights in remembrance of that individual? Do you spent every unoccupied hour of your life with that person? Do you seek his or her admiration, unending love and attention? Do you try your best to avoid making that person angry and feel hatred towards your actions?If so, well, this is just what you do when you love a human-a creation of Allah-who can’t reward you in any other way and will die once the hour comes. If you do this for a human, a creation, what you do for your Creator, the One who brought you into existence? Logically, you would give the exalted your infinite love, bigger than the love of any other loving creature or non-living and other worldly possessions. But, if that is so, why do we see the servants of Allah the Exalted do things that he hates(makruuh) or things that he forbids(haraam)? Why are there Muslims out there who kill their brothers and sisters and give Islam, the religion of their beloved, a bad name? Why do some Muslims get themselves involved in gang activity and thus hurt their beloved’s creations? Why do some of them have premarital intimate relationships when they know that their beloved is watching and forbids that act? This is just food for thought… All in all, if you love Allah the Al-Mighty do what he asks of you and avoid what he forbids. InsyaAllah(by Allah’s will) Allah the Great would return your love by granting you a place at his side in the hereafter..

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