Secularised Muslims

Everywhere I look, this is what I see,
Girls and boys mingle,
Within no certain degree.

Girls and boys talking about lewd things,
For each other a certain longing.

They say they are just friends,
But when the time comes,
They can’t repent.

The hijaab is considered uncool,
The niqaab(burdaah) extreme,
Socks are for fools,
While the jubah, unfashionable for teens.

Muslims behave like non-muslims,
Dress like them too,
Non-mahrams watching films,
Sitting side by side,
have they no pride?

Having no relationship is considered a sin,
Muslims or not,
All akin.

Are they not afraid of Allah Al-Mighty,
He knows all our secrets,
Even the ones we don’t know about, seriously.

Some know this fact,
But they don’t even react,
They experience guilt,
But what do you know,
They still do it.

They say they will repent to Allah later,
But don’t they know their life could be taken,
Anytime this year?

They could die when doing the sin,
Then it will be too late to start repentin’.

When the time comes, what will you say,
When asked, “what have you relayed?”

The day the Earth shakes,
Out come all the people who fake.

People will come out from their graves,
Like grasshoppers,
Anxious about what to say.

The day people will be judged according to their deeds,
Every single one,
Even if it is as small as a seed.

You can’t go back to Earth to repent,
Straight to hell or paradise you get sent.

So dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
If you are shunned by sinners don’t be glum.

Obey Allah, your creator
cos even though his wrath is great,
His mercy and love are much greater.

Obey Allah, don’t worry,
There is always a place for you,
Alongside Allah Al-Mighty!

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