Everyone needs to have a motto. A principle we  need to stick to. From experience, if you have a motto, it will be easier to steer yourself on Allah’s path. For example, I have this motto: Only what Allah Almighty thinks about me matters. This will make me braver in doing things that Allah likes or orders but a community dislikes, like wearing the jilbab(headscarf) and an abaya, and insisting to pray on time, even if it is at the staircase. You will get a lot of criticism, but with that kind of motto, it is easier to handle them. You will  also be far from anger, animosity and depression. Another one of my mottos is: I am not going to let syaithaan rule my life! ie. I won’t do what he wants me to do, which is basically every sinful stuff and what Allah hates. There is also this motto of mine: I need to know my place as a sinful and also weak slave. This will make me feel small and undeserving of every compliment as I attribute every praise to The Most Praiseworthy (Al-Hameed). One will feel so calm and composed knowing that there is always someone looking out for them. That someone is also the one with The Divine Power and also the Lord Of The Worlds.

As a muslim, we must hold on to this 6 principles:  We  have to believe in

1) Allah Almighty

2) Malaikat

3) Allah’s books

4) Muhammad RasulAllah peace be upon him

5) The hereafter

6) Qada’ and Qadr (fate, what Allah has decreed for us)

InsyaAllah, I’ll elaborate on this 6 principles of  faith and what we have to do  in my upcoming posts.

All the good is from Allah Almighty, while all the discrepancies in this post are from my weak self .

Salaam from me and may Allah (swt) give you benefit from this meagre post.

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3 thoughts on “Mottos

  1. Wa alaikumus salam.
    Since you are in the beginning stage of your blog, you feel like having miscellaneous and poems. I think as of now, you can categories like this:
    1. Poems (u have already done this)
    2. Basics (u can bring Mottos in this category)
    3. Love for Allah and Rasoolullah (bring Love for the Divine here)
    4. Seeking Knowlegde (bring Why do we learn Deen ……this post here)
    5. My Musings (bring Alone…post here)
    In future, Insha’Allah, you can include posts in these categories if they are related or you must create a new category basing the theme of the post.
    With regard to getting Rid of ‘just another……’, go to Settings, then General settings… there you will find in the second box this…..just remove it…..(or i feel u can have like this:
    A Muslimah’s Struggle Towards Excellence)
    By the way, the new header image with Bismillah is cool, masha’Allah.
    Any help request, Insha’Allah i will be there. All i need is your du’aa.
    REQUEST: you have to remove this comment and the earlier one also.
    Jazakillah Khayr.

    • JazakAllah for the advice. I apologise for not following your advice to the letter as I like to personalise:)

  2. Ok, upto you sister.

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