My plans for this new school year


(As you know, we all plan but Allah Almighty determines)

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I have just started a new school year. As you know, a new year means new subjects and also loads to learn. I will also be taking my GCE O levels next year InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah I will be posting a topic on hadith from a book we are using in school from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ministry of tarbiyyah and ta’leem (education) insyaAllah. I will also be posting tafseer of surah Al-Kahf, also thought in school InsyaAllah. This year, I will be studying Qada’ and Qadar (fate) and also about the Prophet PBUH in Tawheed lesson. InsyaAllah, I will be posting it as soon as I finish a topic. For Tawheed, we will be using a book from Al-Azhar University of Cairo by Husain Muhammad Al-Misri. I will also be starting Qiraat classes on Friday nights. InsyaAllah I will post whatever I have learnt. The posting of new topics will start next week InsyaAllah, as I have only started learning the academic subjects (Elementary Maths, Additional Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Social Studies, English Language and Malay Language) and also the arabic language and a teeny bit of Tawheed  this week. I can’t post this weekend as I am going for a camp tomorrow (Friday) organised by my school. So InsyaAllah, I will be posting next week on weekends. I will also be posting from the classes I will be attending at Mydin Mosque by Al-Fadhil Ustaz Tengku Muhammad Fauzi on Tuesday night using Riyadus-Salikin book 4. But the frequency of the Riyadus Salikin post will not be very frequent as on Tuesdays, I start school at 7:15 am to 4:30 pm with a break for Zuhr and lunch. I will be exhausted. InsyaAllah, I will try my best to attend the class. Regarding my Imaan series, InsyaAllah I will continue it in March as I need to do lots of research and visits to the library. (By the way, books by Osman Nuri Topbas are awesome!) I sincerely apologise for not being able to post lately. InsyaAllah, I will be able to stick to my promise above as a Muslimah never breaks her promise as that would be alike a Munafiq (two faced “Muslim”, in a bad way).

All the good here is from Allah Almighty while all the bad is from me.

May Allah Almighty grant both you and me the time for da’wah. Whoever makes time for Allah, He will make time from them.

Make dua for me.


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3 thoughts on “My plans for this new school year

  1. So much of a plan, MashaAllah!
    You need to concentrate more on your studies, Insha’Allah.

    You said that you are following a book published from Saudia.
    What is the name of this Islamic text book and who is the author?
    Jazakillah Khayr.

  2. Allah Almighty said:((O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm.)) 47:7
    I am not really sure of the title as the book was photocopied (by the permission of the publisher) and my school made the coverpage. All I know that it is a Al-Hadeeth As-Syareef book copywrited by the ministry of tarbiyyah and ta’leem of Saudi Arabia, of educational development. The arabic text:
    المملكة العربية السعودية
    وزارة التربية والتعليم
    التطوير التربوي
    The publisher is National Offset Printing Press Riyadh. 2006-2007 edition.
    I apologise if I really don’t know its exact title.

  3. Thanks for the info. Jazakillah Khayr.

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