In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

Just now, I saw two spiders. One is stuck in a pool of water. The other one was prodding it. To me, it looked like the one prodding was helping the one that was stuck to get well…unstuck. Then, the spider helping (spider1) went away for a while. When it came back, it spun a web around the other spider (spider2). Spider1 was going to eat his friend, spider2! What I initially thought was spider1 being helpful to his friend turned out to be the total opposite.

Moral of the story…

1) Friends could be betrayers, especially the worst friend, Syaithaan. He will make  sinful deeds pleasing to you, as Allah Almighty has stated in the Quran : “And Satan had made pleasing to them their deeds and averted them from the path, and they were endowed with perception.” 29:38. He is the worst friend ever. This is testified in the Quran: ” And he to whom Satan is a companion – then how evil is such a companion.” 4:38. Moreover, he who takes Syaithaan as his friend will face a clear loss in both worlds. “And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss.” 4:119.

So don’t ever listen to Syaithaan. You don’t want to be his friend. He will try to incite you to do wrong by wrapping the bad deed with beautiful colourful wrappers. Just like those prank presents. The wrapping is ever so beautiful, but when you open it, you will get a punch in the face. We must never be fooled by him. Seek protection in Allah from Syaithaan the accursed. He has cursed himself for eternity and would want you to be cursed with him as he hates us humans. He thinks he is better than us. When The Almighty asked him to prostrate to the first ever human, Adam, he refused by saying that why should he prostrate to one made of soil, when he himself is made from fire? This statement is illogical. Logically, soil will extinguish fire. It is the rule of this world. Why do we humans prostrate(listen) to Syaithaan, when we are stronger than him and when we are not 100% sure that we are damned for eternity? We have a higher status than him. Furthermore, why would we listen to him when he seeks to destroy us? He hates our guts.

We have to be strong. Fight our so called friend. He will become weaker in our selves if we fight him by not doing everything he says. Seek protection in Allah,  you won’t regret it!

2) That is cannibalism. We humans are much more dignified than animals, but there is still some who are worst than animals. They are the ones who are heedless of Allah Almighty’s signs. They are blind, dumb and deaf. Not physically, but spiritually. The signs are right under their noses, they know the Truth, but they just won’t admit it because of their pride and ego. Allah Almighty stated in the Quran: “And indeed We have already propagated for Hell many of the jinn and humankind; they have hearts with which they do not comprehend(the truth), and they have eyes with which they do not behold(the Signs), and they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like the livestock; no indeed, they are further in error. Those are they (who are) heedless.” 7:179.

Are we like that? Heedless to the many Signs and Manifestations of the Truth? IF yes (wali’yadzu billah-Protection is with Allah) than we are worst than the above cannibalistic spider. What we are doing is even worst than eating our own friend! May Allah protect us all from heedlessness.

-Another of a spider’s characteristic is that it is hardworking and does’nt take any risks. It will only attack when it is sure it will be successful. It does not do things with haste. It carefully plans out his actions. A believer must be like that, better even. A believer must never be hasty in his actions. He must carefully think through his actions, whether it pleases Allah or not. May the Divine make us among the Believers forever!

There are many lessons from everyday events, even the smallest events that are usually ignored, like seeing birds fly home with their tummies full in the evening(tawakkul-Trust in Allah).

We have to pay more attentions to our surroundings more. They could be reminders Allah Almighty wanted to give us. He chose us to be reminded, so do we just ignore the reminder? May the Supreme Divine make us aware of all the reminders He shows us. Amiin Yaa Rab Al-Aalamiin!

All the good here is but what Allah Almighty puts in my head so that it may be transmitted to my fingers to be typed and shared and also spread His True Religion. All the mistakes here are because of my own weak, easily influenced self.


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5 thoughts on “Spider

  1. It is just so weird to me. I read this same thing on some Evangelical Christian post. Does not anyone have control of themselves? Is God/Allah such a puppeteer? It is just sooo easy to say someone else is in control. You are in control. You decide. Do what is right. Live in peace. is that really so difficult ?

    • If you want to say that you are in no need of Allah, then it is your choice and you will be responsible of your deeds.You have free will to do as you please. But when you say something in public then choose your words carefully. Follow your own advice of living in peace and doing the right thing.

    • I apologise for the late reply..
      The concept is a bit confusing but with an open mind and with Allah’s help, you’ll understand it:)

      Allah made us and gave us a limited time in this world to be vicegerents of Islam and to worship Him.

      He lent us our body, equipped with every single facility that can’t be duplicated by any living creature on this Earth.

      Having control of yourself is quite scary; imagine, you accidentally stopped your breathing when you are asleep. What happens next? You’ll die.

      Or, you could control your bleeding or when you get sick.
      Doctors, its time for you to quit!

      So do we have control of ourselves? Certainly not!

      In the study of A’qeedah(Belief), Islamic scholars say that there are two types of actions: Volantary and involuntary/uncontrollable.

      Involuntary actions are that that we can’t control at all, like our heartbeat, breathing etc.

      Voluntary actions are good deeds and bad deeds. Allah Almighty gave
      us a choice between good and bad. He has already known our choice even b4 Adam alayhissalaam(upon him peace) was created. He is All-Knowing.
      So we just live our lives just like that, giving up as who knows, maybe we are fated to do bad things. Oh well, might as well do it, right?
      The keyword here is maybe. Maybe we are fated to do bad, or maybe we are fated to do good. Who knows? Allah Almighty of course!

      So, Allah Almighty said “I am what My Slave thinks of me”

      If we think Allah wants the best for us, He wants the best for us. If we think Allah has fated us to do good and enter Paradise, He has done so.

      Consequently, if we think Allah has fated us to do bad, He has indeed done so.

      So, we have to think good of Allah. Whenever we get a blessing, we thank Him as we know we could not have achieved this without His Help, or even Him fate-ing us to do good, or even He creating us.

      Whenever we are faced with a trial from Allah, We endure it with patience that He will indeed help us and also with the knowledge that “Verily, with every hardship comes ease” -Surah 94, verse 5-6
      Also, know that whenever Allah tests a believer, He wants to give many bonus blessings to him/her.

      A hadith (saying of the Prophet pbuh)…
      On the authority of Abu Yahya Suhaib bin Sinan (May Allah be pleased with him) it is related that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

      “How amazing is the affair of the believer. There is good for him in everything and that is for no one but the believer. If good times come his way, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him, and if hardship comes his way, he endures it patiently and that is better for him.”


      This is real peace. To know someone is there helping you out, making sure you stay on the right path, listening to your every complain..worry…sorrow… That you are alive and breathing the next time you wake up; if not, then you’ll be by His side, reaping the fruits of your actions in this world.

      A believer is always in a state of calmness and tranquillity, trusting Allah to guide his/her steps to Him.They promote peace and happiness to others, even the disbelievers, contrary to the Islamophobes’ beliefs.

      You see, there are thousands and thousands of sayings and documented actions of the Prophet pbuh narrated through various authentic chains.

      Among all this, none promote violence. Those who seem to promote violence have actually a deeper different meaning. The Prophet pbuh is wise and like other wise men, everything they say have a deeper meaning.

      Nobody takes what a wise man say just like that, without delving in deeper into the mysteries of language, right?

      The Prophet pbuh has the best of manners and as Muslims, we are ordered to follow His examples and to refrain from doing what he did not do that is impermissible in Islam.

      ps. You say you control your life. I know what you mean, that you control your own actions right? This is boasting. The reality is that you need God(Allah), but He doesn’t need you.

      Imagine someone gives you air, the most important thing to your survival; and you claim that you control your actions. Logically, without this air, you can’t breathe and thus you have no control of your actions as you are dead. So indirectly, your actions are being controlled by air which is controlled by God(Allah). This is another way to look at things.

      Hope you understand:)

  2. Assalamu Alaikum.
    Firstly, I thank sister Suhailah you for this nice post 🙂

    Secondly, I would like to correct one thing which you mentioned.
    It is better to term shaytaan as the WORST ENEMY rather than say WORST FRIEND!
    Shaytaan is not even fit to be term as ‘worst friend’. A worst friend can become one’s best friend over a period of time. But Shaytaan is man’s perpetual enemy!
    In the Qur’an, Allah calls him as “man’s open enemy” (2:208)

    Thirdly, Spider’s example is quoted in the Qur’an to equate the weakness and the feebleness of the person or a people who seek the support of those other than Allah.
    “The case of those who took others than Allah as their protectors is that of a spider who builds a house; but the frailest of all houses is the spider’s house; if they only knew.” (29:41)

    Fourthy, I disagree with EarthStoneStation or whatever his actual name is.
    Talking about control he says, ‘You are in control’.
    Come on, stop your heart from beating IF you are in control of yourself?
    If you fall down or hurt badly, you do not have any control from stopping the blood coming out of your body!
    Fifthly, our Creator has given us some sense called common sense. If we think over the creations of Almighty God with an open and unbiased manner, our reflection will lead us to believe that there is a Creator who is in control of everything. Everything happens only with His permission and knowledge. He has given freedom to people, that is to apply common sense and surrender to the reality that there is One and Only Master Designer of this faultless universe.
    But as they say common sense is uncommon. Instead of reflecting and believing in Allah, man starts taking himself as his own protector or even the shaytaan as his supporter. What a feeble support! Akin to a spider’s web!!

    • JazakAllah Khayr.
      In my opinion, the worst enemy could mean two things..
      1) The enemy who is not good at being an enemy
      2) The enemy who is the best at being the most evil enemy to you
      It depends on perspective:)

      I was thinking about the spider which made its web at the opening of Cave Tsuur. Such a small and frail thing could save the life of the Prophet pbuh from the disbelievers lust for his blood, with Allah’s help. Thinking about spiders reminds us about Allah’s Mercy and Love on The Propet pbuh.

      Spider is an animal of miracles. Allah Almighty could have chosen some other feeble animal, but he chose the spider to be mentioned in the Quran.
      This is an informative and nice read:
      Go to this site:


      and download number 24: The Miracle in The Spider
      Its free..

      I agree with you, Allah that not guide those who refuse to be guided

      Thanks for the insight:) Like I said, it all comes down to perspective (about the spider)


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