Love is in the air…


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I have not been posting lately as I have to study for so many tests. This week alone there are six tests. Two on Wednesday, one on Thursday and 3 on Friday. I am really supposed to be studying when I composed this poem (Well…I was tired and bored). I then felt the urgent need to share it now. Here it is…


Love is in the air…

What are humans without love,

Pure sincere love,

Is to the heart, like cooling salve


You were there with me always,

Looking after me in every way

You were with me right from the beginning,

Your presence was with me, even after I departed, never waning


You helped me through troubled times,

And how have I repayed your contributions?

I indulged in which in your eyes were crimes

And in turn, got sucked in the whirlpool of lies and deception


I was faced with trials and tribulations,

But you were with me guiding my actions

Until.. I saw the bright shining Light,

And I know I was to the Truth, half-way through my fight


I had been so ungrateful,

but towards me, you were so kind and watchful,

Even though I always strayed,

You were always there when I prayed


I seek you to forgive me,

O my Creator, my Beloved,

To earn your love and mercy,

Is my dream and hope


Today I declare what I should have made known,

I love you with all my soul,

I, who my heart, you own



Well, sorry again for not have been, as I said, posting regularly.

Please pray for me to have the blessed free time, use it sincerely and wisely,

for my Creator, who loves me deeply.




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2 thoughts on “Love is in the air…

  1. My dear sister, this is beautiful! I wish I had read it before, and thank Allah to have read it now. Jazaki Allah Khair! and may Allah preserve you and increase you in imaan, ihsaan and ibadah. Please pray for me also, that Allah guide me and never let me stray.

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