O Allah…

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

O Allah,

Your guidance I so crave,

To be from the engulfing darkness, saved

O Allah,

I know You love me,

The proof is my existence, truly,

I just wish I could repay You, really,

By surrendering my utter devotion to You willingly

O Allah,

Make Your love,

The dearest thing to me,

And make Your Anger,

The most frightening to me

O Allah,

Make me sincere in worshipping You,

That is for my love of my Beloved, meaning You,

Not for my want for Paradise,

Or for fear of Hell or my demise

O Allah,

No one can help me,

But You only,

Make me far from arrogance,

And don’t destroy me in the way,

In which upon Iblees You brought destruction

O Allah,

I am not worthy of Your Paradise,

Nor am I strong enough for Hellfire,

But You have written since time dawned,

that Your Mercy overpowers Your Anger.

So forgive me,

Don’t let my sins overshadow me,

Don’t let them into my grave with me,

And weigh down my scales on that Day, truly

Have mercy on my soul,

So Your Beauty could I behold,

And not the sight of the Hellfire’s holes.

Strengthen me to play in this Dunya my role,

So that I could reach my eternal goal!


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