I sought Counsel

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I Sought Counsel

by Reehab Ramadan

I’ve sought counsel from numerous people – About me:

My life. My hurt. My pain. My joy. – On all the different things I see;

I went to them seeking counsel, in how to please the One above,

How to live a life for Him – not out of force – but love.

I’ve gotten the wrong advice, from more than I care to remember,

Advice that cut, bled, and scarred me – All which became a part of ‘I’

A part that is impossible to dismember.

But it comes to a point that I realize, their wrong counsel was essential

In removing a faulty foundation and showing me my true potential.

Without their bogus words, probably well intentioned,

I wouldn’t have appreciated the uplifting words.

Perhaps, would have ignored them when mentioned

Instead they sunk deep, straight to an aching heart,

Making more sense than ever, a feeling I hope will never part.

There are certain things that are not understood

Except through pain then redemption

Certain things that are not understood

Unless you are compelled to first question

Question everything you know, and everything you did.

Everything you heard and everything you believed in.

They say learning is a gift – no matter who the teacher.

Even if its teacher is pain – as long as it leads to a brighter future.

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