One Ummah

In the name of Allah, I begin

I ask for steadfastness in the Deen,

His Mercy I desire,

His Forgiveness I crave…



Muslims are one community

based on justice and equality

Trusting and loving,

caring and forgiving

We are the best,

bringing jealousy from the rest

So to divide us they sought,

for our failure they fought

They belittled us,

they alienate us

They tried to sow in our hearts hatred and envy,

striving to divide us eternally

They made us seem weak,

they tried to make our days bleak

Will we let them succeed,

in this unrighteous deed?

Are we weak?

Are we fools?

Are we freaks?

Are we uncool?

Absolutely not!

We won’t let ourselves rot!

We are one Ummah, the best!

The Ummah that Syaithaan so detests!

Through various tribulations we held on,

with Allah’s Help, we went on

Are we corrupting the Ummah, which shone like gold,

by allowing our enemies conquer our souls?

Imagine something,

so precious residing,

in the hands of our enemies,

our spirits, ceasing to exist!

Let us not be divided,

don’t let them succeed

United we stand,

Islam we uphold and defend!

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