We know that…

We have been afflicted with a severe case of arrogance and denial of the truth..

We know that we are slaves so why are we arrogant?

We know that Allah is One, The Greatest, so why do we prioritise this dunya and its contents over Him?

We know that Paradise is true so why do we not strive and grab every opportunity to achieve it?

We know that Hell is true so why do we still sin and listen to the one who has been doomed to it?

We know that the Promise Of Allah(Yaum Al-Qiyamah, Judgement day) is true so why aren’t we preparing our souls for it?

We know that Allah is the Most Merciful so why do we give up on His Mercy or why do we oppress others?

We know that Allah is always with us so why do we lose hope and seek hope in things that will bring only us destruction?

We know that Allah loves us so why aren’t our hearts soft with the love for Him?

We know that He always remember us so why aren’t we remembering Him?

We know that we need Him so why do we ignore Him and all His Blessings upon us?

We know that the Quran is Allah’s words so why do we prefer other books to His?

We know that death is evident so why do we strive only for this dunya as though we will never leave it…?

All praises be to Allah for aiding me in realising all this before I return to His Mercy InshaAllah

He is indeed the Greatest


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4 thoughts on “We know that…

  1. Jazakillahu Khayra!

  2. It is haqq! Thank you for sharing this. Jazaki Allah Khair

    • Sometimes we know these things but don’t really internalise it. Some of these things have been taught to us since young:)
      Wa Iyyaak:)

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