E’id Al’Adhaa Khutbah, Singapore

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

E’id Al-Adhaa Khutbah in Singapore.

May Allah aid you in benefiting from it as He have aided me:)

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
Eiduladha Sermon
26 October 2012 / 10 Zulhijjah 1433
Sacrifices In Achieving Success
In This World And Hereafter2

Dear jemaah blessed by Allah,
Let us celebrate Eiduladha, a day full of glory and blessings. It is a
day when we are encouraged to praise and glorify Allah with takbir,
tasbih, tahmid and tahlil. In fact, Muslims all over the world echoes
this glorification with utmost humility and respect.
We honour Allah and are grateful for all of His blessings and
mercy. May we be increased in taqwa to Allah so that we can face
life’s challenges, and lead the community to bring about changes
and goodness, as well as raise the well being of fellow human
In this very moment, while we are in a state of repentance and
humility in glorifying Allah, millions of Muslims are also gathered in
the Holy Land to perform their pilgrimage and perfect their fifth
pillar of Islam. In order to realize their dreams, they have to work
hard, be prudent in their expenses, sacrificing many things along
the way, and saving their earnings for a long period of time. With
strong determination, they willingly go through many obstacles, 3
barriers and challenges. All these will not be possible without
On the other hand, for all of us who are here, we will soon be
performing the qurban to Allah s.w.t. But, what is the wisdom that
we can learn from this qurban ceremony? What values can we
teach to our children from this sacrificial worship?
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahil Hamd
My dear blessed jemaah,
In this blessed opportunity, let us take time to reflect upon the time
when Prophet Ibrahim a.s. was commanded to sacrifice his own
son, Prophet Ismail a.s. Clearly, it shows to us the importance of
having a resolute heart and a determined spirit in order that we can
defend ourselves and others. Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and his son
Prophet Ismail a.s. were mutually cooperative in carrying out the
commands of Allah. Even though the command to slaughter or
sacrifice his own beloved son wears heavily upon them, they
continued to comply Allah commands with obedience and sincerity.
This touching story of a father’s perseverance in executing the
command of Allah is recorded by Allah s.w.t. in a beautiful verse,
as mentioned in surah Ash-Shaffat verse 102:4
Meaning: “And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him,
(Ibrahim) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must
sacrifice you. Now what is your view!” (The son) said: “O my father!
Do as you are commanded: because you will find me, if Allah so
wills, one who is of Patience and Constancy.”
My dear jemaah blessed by Allah,
The verse recited above reflects the strength of Prophet Ibrahim’s
a.s. faith, willing and ready to sacrifice his own beloved son in
order to comply with the commands of Allah s.w.t. Prophet Ibrahim
a.s. had managed to free himself from the bondage of materialism.
He has also successfully free himself from the love and lure of this
world. This is so because the love of this world will prevent one
from performing sacrifices, especially in carrying out the
commands of Allah s.w.t. Therefore, faith becomes the core of
everything that we do in this life, and faith determines our success
in this world and the hereafter.
As for Prophet Ismail a.s., he has shown us the sincerity that
emanates from his pure heart. When informed by his father that he 5
was to be sacrificed, with utmost humility he told his father to
comply with the commands of Allah. Prophet Ismail a.s. remains
obedient, unshaken in the face of challenges, sincere and
submissive to Allah’s qada’ and qadr, facing it with utmost patience
and perseverance. His obedience to Allah’s commands and his
compliance to his parents causes tranquillity to their hearts and
invited happiness and goodness. Allah s.w.t. says in surah Maryam
verse 54:
Meaning: “And mention in the Book the story of Ismail. Indeed, he
was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet.”
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahil Hamd
Dear blessed jemaah,
On this blessed morning, I wish to highlight two key lessons from
the story of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and his son
Prophet Ismail a.s.
First: this story emphasizes the fact that in order for us to achieve
happiness in this world and the hereafter, we need to sacrifice
ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone. It requires us to sacrifice 6
what is precious to us in order to achieve an outcome that is more
significant and meaningful.
Second: This story reminds us to ensure that all of our sacrifices
must be based on the hope of obtaining the pleasure of Allah s.w.t.
for all of our future in the hereafter. Let us be sincere in performing
any forms of sacrifice and not complain or lament since we do
them purely for the sake of Allah s.w.t.
Let us not be like Qabil, one of the sons of Prophet Adam a.s.
where his animal sacrifice was not accepted by Allah s.w.t. as it
was not accompanied by sincerity and obedience. Allah s.w.t. says
in surah Al-Maidah verse 27:
Meaning: “And recite to them the story of Prophet Adam’s two
sons, in truth, when they both offered a sacrifice [to Allah], and it
was accepted from one of them but was not accepted from the
other. Said [the latter], “I will surely kill you.” Said [the former],
“Indeed, Allah only accepts from the righteous [who fear Him]”7
My dear beloved brothers,
Because of His love for us, Allah s.w.t. has commanded that we
perform the rites of qurban every year if we are able. This is to
remind us that we need sacrifices in our lives. In order that we
obtain the pleasure of Allah s.w.t. and overall success, we are
required to make a sacrifice, be it at the individual level, family or
My brothers,
The most important sacrifice is at the level of the individual, before
sacrificing for others. Although it may be challenging, surely it will
bring about benefits and goodness to us in this world and in the
hereafter. For example, from the perspective of goodness in this
world, we need to sacrifice our free time to improve ourselves with
new knowledge, whether we are students or workers. Every new
knowledge certainly gives us a deeper appreciation for the things
around us, be it technical knowledge regarding work or general
knowledge. It will transform us into being more conscious
individuals of the challenges that we are and will be facing. It will
also prepare us psychologically and spiritually to embrace changes
and tests that we face in life or at work with more confidence and
Similarly with sacrifices from the point of gaining success in the
hereafter. My beloved jemaah, doesn’t every one of us here wish 8
to enjoy the eternal blessings of Allah in His paradise? Doesn’t
every one of us here wish to enjoy the beautiful experience of
meeting and seeing Allah s.w.t. in paradise? I am certain that none
of us here will say no to that! But it definitely requires some
sacrifice from us.
It begins from our willingness to sacrifice our instinctive desire
away from things that are prohibited by Allah s.w.t. It requires us to
rise in the stillness of the night to shed tears of repentance from
our sins. It requires us to mobilize every part of our limbs to bow, to
prostrate and to obey Allah s.w.t.
Brother and sisters, Rasulullah s.a.w. and those servants who are
close to him, are willing to sacrifice some of their time, energy and
wealth for goodness, because in reality, they do them for the love
and gratitude to Allah s.w.t. There is no creature of Allah that is in a
state of need that is not assisted by them as far as possible. There
is not a single moment that they live without wetting their lips with
the remembrance and verses of Allah. That is why the Prophet
s.a.w. used to instruct Mu’adz Bin Jabal r.a., to not leave the end of
every prayer without reciting this doa:9
Meaning: “O Allah! Help me to always remember You, to always be
grateful to You, and to worship You in the most excellent manner.”
Hadith narrated by Imam Abu Daud.
My fellow jemaah,
The second stage in our lives that requires us to perform a sincere
sacrifice is our efforts to build a happy and peaceful family. As
leaders of our families, both husbands and wives must have a
vision and desired outcomes for their families in order to achieve
success in this world and the hereafter. This requires parents to
sacrifice and leave behind their undesirable habits, be it from the
moral or physical points of view. Where previously they may be
spending time without doing anything meaningful, but once they
assumed the rolesas parents, they should sacrifice their time by
doing good things such as seeking knowledge, performing
volunteering works, and others. This is because it will be a source
of example to our child. This is the beginning of sacrifices by
parents in order to build a peaceful and happy family, InsyaAllah.
Similarly as parents, the responsibility of raising a child is a mutual
one. Do not pass that responsibility of monitoring our child
exclusively to our wives, our parents, or our in-laws. Whereas our
children, particularly in their teenage years, require the attention,
care and love of both parents.10
For example, during examination period, spend some time with
them. Give them encouragement or words of inspiration to
motivate them. Do not be surprise that by taking leave from work to
accompany our children during this period may lead to positive
impact and will improve their performance.
All these things that were mentioned require a huge sacrifice. It
requires from us the sacrifice of time, efforts and energy to get the
appropriate results that we desire.
My dear blessed jemaah,
Apart from the sacrifice on an individual and family level, the story
of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. also serves to remind us of the importance
of sacrifice and separation, be it with time, energy or even wealth,
in order to improve the state of our community. For example, the
practice of performing qurban to help poor and needy families is a
noble practice that must be encouraged. In fact, the trend of
performing qurban outside of Singapore is also growing. This is
indeed a noble act. However, at the same time, let us not forget to
help those who are in need in Singapore. While they may not be
many, there are those who are among us, families who are in
difficulties, particularly the elderly who are abandoned by their
children, single parents, widows, or those whose husbands are
incarcerated. Let us sacrifice our time, energy and wealth to 11
improve their lives. Through helping them, we are only bringing
meaning and significance to our own lives.
Despite the many sacrifices that we have to perform in this life, let
us not view them as a burden. This is because every sacrifice or
discomfort that we face in the path of goodness, it will surely end in
goodness. Instil in our hearts the notion, and teach our children
that sacrifices are meant to make our lives more meaningful. With
sacrifices, we will surely feel a lasting peace and happiness. Allah
s.w.t. says in verses 5 and 6 of Surah Al-Insyirah:
Meaning: “So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with
every difficulty there is relief.”
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahil Hamd
My dear jemaah blessed by Allah,
The sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and his family members, are
a source of inspiration for us to continue with our life’s temporary
challenges while heading toward an eternal life of the hereafter.
Therefore come! Let us reignite the spirit of sacrifice to build
ourselves, our families and our community with morality and civility. 12
With this spirit of sacrifice, we can strengthen our social bonds and
humanitarian ties between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.
May Allah strengthen our faith. May He give us the power and
ability to do good. May He guide us to be His slaves who are
Muhsinin and Muslihin.
O Allah! O our Lord! On this morning of Eiduladha, we plead that
you accept all our deeds, make our deeds righteous so that our
righteousness may allow us to enter Your paradise.
O Allah! Forgive us our sins and the sins of our parents. Make
them Your servants who are grateful for Your favour and Your
mercy. Be pleased with our deeds, and admit us to Your mercy
together with Your pious servants.
O Allah! Do not let our hearts deviate from obeying Your
commands and submitting ourselves to You. Guide us to the
straight path. Make us, and our progeny, people who always
uphold the truth and leaders showing the way to righteousness.
O Allah! O our Lord! Grant us goodness in this world and goodness
in the hereafter. Prevent us from being the punishments of your
hellfire and the pain of your punishments. Amin. Ya Rabbal
‘Alamin. 1314



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