Ma’al Hijrah:)

Now, in Singapore, we are currently in the first few hours of the new hijri year, aka, the new year for Muslims.

What should we do?

For me, I feel that Allah has given me yet another chance out of His Mercy to return to His straight path from which I have strayed so far.

So, it is good for us to reflect on this past year and see what we are lacking as slaves of Allah. For me, it would be too much to list down. So, just concentrate on a few key points that we are missing, say 5/6. Work on these things bit by bit and InshaAllah, you will achieve it. But remember, steadfastness and patience are the keys to success.

When we think we have mastered these 5/6 points, move on to others. If you mastered the 5/6 points within less than a year and you want to move on, choose a specific date that you’ll never forget, like for me, it’d be my birthday, the day I got involved in an accident, or any other dates that make you feel that Allah is still giving you chances.(We should feel this all the time, but on some occasions, we feel it more)

Don’t forget to be steadfast in maintaining the previous skills you mastered!

How do you know you have mastered a skill and can ‘move on’?

Wallahu A’lam(Only Allah knows)

It depends on your own initiative.

But, if you say you want to master Taqwa, you can never be satisfied with full Taqwa as who but Allah knows that you have full Taqwa?

I made this poster below that you could download and fill it in. I put spaces for 6 points but you could put more.

New Year Resolution (Powerpoint)

New Year Resolution (pdf)

I made two versions so you can see which one suits you best:)
Hope this benefits. If you like it, or even if you don’t like it, please find it in your heart to make duas for me and my relationship with Allah and also to help me to master the skills I’ve listed.

May Allah make this year better than the previous year.


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