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Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

الوحدانية comes from the word .

الوحدة can be divided into 3 parts:

1) الذات وحدة: Allah is One in terms of His Dzaat(He Himself) ie. His dzaat consists of no parts (eg.  hands and legs) like humans and there is no other Dzaat  like His Dzaat. If Allah were to have body parts(Wali’yaazu Billlah from such a thought!), He would have been inneed of the parts and that is a deficiency on His part and this can never be true as He has said that He has the attribute of Qiyaam Binnafs—Independent of need of anything. Similarly, He would have also be similar to His Creations with body parts and this is mustaheel(impossible) on His part as another of His attributes  is Mukhaalafah Lillhawaadith(Differs from Creation).

2) الصفات وحدة : Allah is One in terms of His Attribtes, ie. He has Qudrah, not Qudratayn(Two Qudrahs—power). This shows that His power is absolute, one and only. This also means that there are no other creation on this Earth with attributes as supreme as Allah’s attributes. Humans might have the ability to see but the way they see is nothing compared to the way Allah sees when He says He has an attribute of Samiia’n(Ever-Hearing) and also only Allah has the attribute of Baqaa’(everlasting).

3) الأفعال وحدة: No other creation can do any actions that Allah does or had done, eg. give life, or even create. Humans create but the way we create is incomparable to the way He creates. Also, we listen, but the way Allah listens supercedes the way we listen.


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