A Poem on Gaza




A Poem on Gaza

by Sameer Johar

As i sit comfortable in a faraway place,
I can’t help but think of your everyday fate.
I don’t know you nor ever seen your face.
But it’s your pain that resonates and makes my mind question and heart shake.

Once a land so blessed upon which the prophets walked,
now turned into a land upon which soldiers stalk.
The very land our beloved prophet ascended to heaven.
But nowadays all that descends are the disproportionate Israeli weapons.

The sounds of their air-raids can be heard from the distance,
yet they claim your defence is an illegal resistance.
Their hypocrisy fills the void between the earth and the sky.
Do they not hear the sounds of those dying babies cries?

And what to be made of the rhetoric from other nations?
Nothing. it’s business as usual- always supporters of an occupier’s occupation.
Israel your actions will never lead to peace
Even your own citizens are protesting in Tel-Aviv.

Oh how you’ve hoodwinked all the ignorant people, arguing your
policies are just and equal.
You hide behind the veil of self-defence with your interventionist policies,
But whilst all the same causing more and more atrocities.
All you ever ask is for a peaceful solution, why not begin by obeying
those UN resolutions?

I stand up in anger from where I sit,
the news channel tells me a ground invasion is imminent.
I gaze out the window into the serene black star-filled sky.
I’m lucky here, No planes fly by.

But in a land not too far away. Oh how the image is contrasting.
Engines fill the sky and the night echoed by the constant blasting.
Rise up oh you who sit idly. Where there’s injustice support humanity.
Even the smallest of prayers are heard by the almighty.
Or else your silence is deafening.

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