14 Dec, 2nd sermon(Friday)



14 DECEMBER 2012



Dear brothers,

Let us continue to be conscious of Allah, and remember that our life on earth is temporary, and the hereafter is our eternal abode. Let’s prepare ourselves to face the Day of Judgement


Blessed Friday jamaah,

As Muslims and members of the world community, we should be deeply affected with the recent catastrophe of typhoon Bopha that has befallen the people of the southern provinces of Philippines. Latest updates on the tragedy reported more than 700 people killed and over 400 thousands of people have been displaced and lost their source of income and is in dire need of basic daily necessities.


Their agony and distraught is beyond our imagination, especially for those living in the rural areas. It is indeed a challenge to rebuild the lives of those affected by the typhoon. Certainly, we ought not to just imagine their plight. Instead, let us pray hard for their safety. Let us pray that Allah grants them His help and patience to face these trying times.


So what can we do as caring members of the human race, in helping to lighten their sufferings?


We can radiate our compassion and ‘ihsan’ by contributing in ways that will help to alleviate their sufferings. For that, from the Rahmatan Lil Alamin (Blessings to All) Foundation in collaboration with mosques in Singapore is conducting a special collection at all our mosques today to contribute towards humanitarian relief efforts in the Philippines.


Alhamdulillah, due to the generosity of the Muslim community in Singapore, we had successfully garnered more than $350,000 under the Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin fund for the people in Gaza.

Let us therefore contribute to our best ability. May this contribution bring hope to the victims of this disaster.


Let us pray for their safety. May Allah lighten their burden and grant them resilience in facing the calamity.


As a Mukmin, we should also learn from what had happened. If a similar occurrence befalls us, we should let patience prevail and we should not lose hope. We must pray to Allah and strive to improve ourselves and our conditions. Indeed, the occurrence of natural calamities such as this is reminders for those who ponder and reflect.



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