Part 1-Revive your Spirits, Renew Your Iman!


Part 1

Revive your Spirits, Renew your Iman!

What I benefitted inshaAllah from a webinar I attended this morning by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda at 🙂

The first way the Shaykh suggested was to have high goals and ambitions.

Its true that this contradicts the popular belief that if you set a high goal, the fall would be more severe and painful. But, this is just what shaithaan wants you to think so that you won’t set high goals for yourselves and eventually, feel that you possibly can’t get Allah’s Mercy and be admitted into Jannah.

The above belief may be possible if you set high short-term goals. Imagine if you have never prayed Tahajjud(night prayer) before and the next day, you set your alarm for 3am (assuming Fajr prayer is at 6) to pray and pray and pray. It is possible you do that for a day-max. 3- and you will be on an all time iman-high. After that, Syaithaan creeps in and from 3am, it becomes 4am than 5am than missing it altogether! Thus, your iman will plunge down and the effects would be undesirable.

But, no one is asking you to do that.

What the Shaykh means by setting high goals and ambitions is to set high long term goals with milestones of short term goals along the way.

Put simply…

Reward yourself every now and then upon reaching a milestone to keep that motivation burning! Again, I stress upon the fact to never forget to be grateful to the One who made it all happen.

Question: What happens if there is a relapse ie.loss of motivation commonly caused by pride(over-confidence) or doubt?

The Shaykh quoted a powerful and thought-provoking statement by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawzi…

“focus on who (or why) you are doing this for instead of what you are doing”  or something along those lines…

According to the Shaykh, if your focus is on the thing that you are doing, it will eventually lead to compromise. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t focus when one is doing something but rather one should not solely focus on the action as there is a more important thing to focus on and that is the intention(niyyah). Without the right intention, deeds are useless in the eyes of Allah, the One whose opinions really matter.

Focusing on the action itself will open the doors to compromise as Syaithaan and your nafs slowly makes his way into your heart and mind and poison it with their ideas.

For example,

you set a goal to sit for 15 minutes at home reading the Quran. Shaithan comes in and made use of your nafs to trick you into compromising. He will say something like “you’re wasting productive time! Won’t it be better if you listen to it while driving to a masjid/to a class?”

Complying with Shaithaan will be next. After 2 minutes of listening to the Quran while driving, something interesting got aired on the radio and you listened to that. Over time, those 15 minutes of Quran becomes 5 minutes of Quran with 10 minutes of entertainment, till finally, 0 minutes for the Quran and 15 minutes for entertainment. The trips to the masjid/class will be converted into trips to watch a football match or to the cinema or nau’zubillah, trips to the pub!

See how Syaithaan tricks you! He makes you focus on the way you do the action instead of for who you do the action for and why you do it.

So, to avoid focusing on the action itself, always renew your intention!(the Shaykh suggested writing it done, pasting or even nailing it to the wall so you’ll inshaAllah, never lose your focus)

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Renew your faith!”

It was said, “O Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), who do we renew our faith?”

He replied (Allah bless him and give him peace), “By saying la ilaha illa Allah (‘There is no god but Allah’) a lot” [Ahmad and Hakim; Haythami deemed its chain to be good (jayyid)]

The arabic transliteration to Mercy to the Worlds reply is: “Akthiruu min qawli laa ilaaha illaa Allah”

fyi: The word ‘Akthiruu’ in context means to increase something that has already been done and is still being done.

The Shaykh said that the mentioning of the phrase ‘La ilaha illa Allah'(There is no god but Allah) does not mean one only has to say that phrase with the tongue. But it also needs to be said by the heart as that is the essence of Islam, the key to Islam(Miftahul Islam). By saying this, your intention will be purified as there is no god except Allah, our Creator, Sustainer, and monst importantly, the One whose opinions matter!

Your intention will be solely for Him and thus purified from this Dunya inshaAllah.

The shaykh also said that it does not mean one has to say only that phrase and no other. He said that this means generally, the remembrance of Allah in your daily adhkar etc. That is why, it is sunnah for us to do dhikr after every prayer(to remind us why and for who we have prayed), every morning(to start the day with a clear intention), every evening(after a hard day’s work when your intentions may have started to change for the worse) and before you sleep(end your day with a pure heart:))Similarly, we have Adhkar for every single deed we do, as simple as Bismillah(more will be discussed on this inshaAllah)!

By remembering Allah before we do anything, inshaAllah, our intention will be purified:)

InshaAllah, I’ll be stopping here for now and InshaAllah, I’ll continue on the other ways to revive our spirits and renew our Iman another time InshaAllah.

ps. Some things written here(mostly the elaborations) are from what I interpreted and benefitted from the Shaykh’s 1 hour talk so forgive me and most importantly, seek forgiveness from Allah for me if I have misunderstood anything as no slave is free from mistakes..

One more thing, please make dua for me to have time and not to waste it if Allah has given it to me.

All the good here is from Allah through His Servant Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda and of course, all the descrepancies here are from yours truly, just another weak slave..




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One thought on “Part 1-Revive your Spirits, Renew Your Iman!

  1. silver price

    This hadith teaches us that as long as we make a consistent effort toward goodness, Allah will, inshAllah, be pleased with us. Do you feel like you’re slipping? You don’t have to take drastic measures. You can set mini-goals to improve yourself; such as doing tasbeehat after every salah, growing a beard, starting to wear more modest clothing, or setting aside five to ten minutes every day for dhikr as a starting point.

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