Winds of Truth-Change!


Hopes this makes some sense inshaAllah..:)

Humans are dust who think that they alone are diamonds until they get blown away by the winds of tribulations. If one becomes dust, he will ride the winds of truth and reality(at times harsh) and be transported to gardens of peace and prosperity. But if one becomes a hard core diamond,  he will resist the winds and refuse to acknowledge its presence. He will thus be lost in the whirlwind of ignorance and deception.
Don’t resist the wind of change dear brothers and sisters lest you lose your way in the whirlwind of heedlessness and ignorance!
Tribulations are reminders for the souls who are lost in the desert of ignorance. Those who see the trials as stepping stones to get closer to Allah, that is what he will get and those who see the trials as calamities and ignore it, he will forever be lost.


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