To love Allah..


To Love Allah

He is always there when I need Him,

He is always there when I call upon Him,

He is always there for me,

Always, Always being there for me

To all my problems and woes, listening,

Morning, evening, even when the stars are shining!

Always enveloping me in His Mercy,

Submerging me in His Love, Grace and Beauty,

Filling me with peace and serenity,

Free from any doubt and worry!

Only He knows whats best for me

Any challenge is because He loves me

Any tribulation is because He wants to guide me

Any trial is because He wants to reward me

He is always protecting me from my enemy,

Whose sole purpose is to destroy me,

And whose footsteps I tend to follow,

Without any care for the morrow..

But He..He still never fails to care

He..He is always there awaiting my return,

Awaiting me to make a U-turn

Out of my reverie I snap out,

Into the reality, lest I freak out!

I’ve realised the enormity of what I’ve done…

And back to Allah, I turn and RUN!!

I long for His Forgiveness,

I long for His Mercy,

I long those days,

Which were filled with love, peace and tranquility…

I crave His Love

I crave His Grace

I crave the One

Who when is with me, I’m safe:)

All I have to do is return

To repent, to please and to learn

I am His Slave, and He is my Master,

He owns me,

And to Him I’ll return thereafter..


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