The Last Slumber

The Last Slumber

Lying on my bed, I wonder…

If this would be my last slumber…

Where to the world of dreams, I depart,

Will this be the moment when with this world, I forever part?

With each breath so carelessly taken,

Which one, would be my final moment?

O Self, wake up, Seriously!

Or are you ready for the day of Certainty?

Do you still believe that with you deeds so few,

Allah owes His Mercy and Compassion to you?

Really, compared to the next person: Who are you?!

So arrogant, but without the tiniest speck of value!

The cheek, on it you lie,

Might be barbecued and fried!

The eyes that you close gently,

Might betray you, surely!

The mouth with which you snore,

On that Day, might shut up no more!

The legs you cover externally,

Would determine your abode, eternally,

As you traverse the Bridge, easily,

Or, I seek refuge in Allah, precariously…

Tears of remorse will be of no use,

From eternal torment, your limbs definitely won’t refuse!

But O Soul, with Allah’s Mercy, Love and Compassion,

Your sins will be forgiven,

Your deeds will multiply,

And to Jannah, you will soar and fly!

O Soul,

All you have to do is to be obedient and show piety,

to the One owning this Mercy,

But keep in mind that sincerity will always be the key,

To open the doors of eternal serenity…


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