O Allah, I need You…!

O Allah, I need You…!

My heart is in confusion

My thoughts are disorganised

My body is deteriorating

My head is spinning

Tests come by the dozens in a week,

Projects and tasks, don’t mention it!

Too many things to do,

Too little time there is,

I feel like giving up hope,

I struggled to hang on to the tearing strands of His rope

The weight of my life made me fall,

On to my knees, to Him I call,

Complaining to Him, Seeking His Guidance,

Out of my problems, doubts and confusion

My heart cried out in hope

My thoughts longing for connection

My body cried out in pain

My mind longing for illumination

I called upon the Ever-Listening,

I prayed to the All-Knowing,

I seek the All-Merciful, The Sustainer,

I yearn for the Helper

O Allah, help me cope with this life as verily, you don’t burden a soul more than it can bear;

O Allah, help this weak slave overcome the challenges you gave her with care;

O Allah let my heart be tranquil from all hateful diseases;

O Allah, let my thoughts be organised and focused; and make me wise in my choices;

O Allah strengthen my body as a strong believer is better than a weaker one,

Don’t let my good deeds be prevented by my body, ruined!

O Allah, guide my steps and don’t let me go astray,

You’re the only one who could show me the way..

O Allah, don’t severe the connection between this slave and her Master,

Don’t let her studies destroy her hereafter;

O Allah, I acknowledge the fact that I can’t do this alone,

I really really need your help, so please don’t turn away my hands and leave me alone!

You are An-Nasir, Al-Qadir, Dzul Jalaali wal Ikraam

For you is my submission, and for you I reform..

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2 thoughts on “O Allah, I need You…!

  1. aina

    subhanallah. nice to know you ukhti.:)

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