A great scholar who has left us


Sheikh Al-Bouti

Just like Sumayyah,

You were killed for your bravery,

To speak the Truth to humanity,

In a world void of peace and tranquility..

And just like her, you’ll be rewarded for eternity!(InshaAllah)

Your face shone brightly,

Revealing the peace and wisdom within, verily,

In your heart and soul, truly,

O Allah, forgive Him and on him have Mercy!

That day, humanity suffered a great lost,

Your demise came propelling at our hearts with great force,

Our voices became coarse,

Our eyes were filled with tears of lost

O Allah, grant him true Martyrdom,

Grant him the pleasure of seeing you in Al-A’dn

O Allah, give us strength to continue doing,

What he was constantly advocating,

That is: To spread peace by uniting,

All the Muslims, with each other, connecting..

And to know that our real enemy,

Is not our brothers and sisters verily,

But it is none other than Syaithan the Accursed, truly

So stop obeying him and treat him as our enemy!

And thus…

Make peace with humanity:)

As…united we stand,

Divided we fall,

As an Ummah we defend(against our #1 enemy),

Our religion, Islam, Allah’s call..

Sheikh Al-Bouti

Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti, martyred on the 21st of March, 2013, while he was teaching in Al-Iman Mosque, Damascus.

He was killed by a suicide bomber.

Innaa lillah wa innaa ilayhi raaji’uun

(“Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.” 2:156)


Ps. To those who say that he is pro-Assad, to me, he isn’t

What he actually said was that our real enemy is the disbelievers(those who are against Islam and seek every singly opportunity to destroy the Muslims), so by dividing ourselves(in rioting), we are actually acting according to their plan, as divided we fall.

So some of the individuals out there considered him pro-Assad as he didn’t support their anti-government movement, as according to him(the Sheikh), it is better that we unite first and then go against our real enemies who seek to destroy Islam.

And…Allah knows best!

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