His cleverly disguised words-the Reality

In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind

His cleverly disguised words-the Reality

How low have I stooped?

How long have I been duped?

Which one of Syaithan’s baits,

That I will I unknowingly take next?

He told me that it is only for a while,

I’ll just inched from the path, a tenth of a mile…

But this is surely nothing but guile

He is after all, Shaithan the accursed, the most vile!

Sadly, I listened to all his lies,

Thinking it came from my heart so precise..

But his lies are all just a mask, a disguise,

He is wishing for my faith, its demise!

He hates my guts,

Yet I befriended him…

He wills bad to befall me,

Yet I supported him…

O Allah, let my eyes see through his disguise,

Let the Truth penetrate the blackness of my heart and eyes

Let it be clear to me that he is my foe, my enemy

One that I should despise and obviously show animosity

Never to be followed in this life and in the hereafter

The one that I certainly yearn to part with forever!

Note: He here refers to Shaithan the accursed


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