My veil and your veil

Beauty of Modesty

ImageAn atheist asked a Muslimah:

You’ve donned the veil; why?

How wisely she replied:

You are more veiled than I. (*)

I have hidden my body

from prying eyes of men;

While you have veiled your heart

from the fragrance of Heaven (*)

My veil protects me

from the evils of this world;

yet your veil is a barrier

between you and your Lord (*)

I have hidden but flesh

You have hidden truth divine

Then, isn’t my veiling,

more liberating than thine? (*)

My religion is my sword

and the veil is my shield;

Would pearls be so precious,

if they weren’t so concealed? (*)

Concealed are souls and hearts

Visible are hands and feet

Yet hands are of no avail,

when the veiled heart does not beat (*)

Bodies are made of earth

And earth will be their veil;

The spirit is our truth,

and Truth will prevail. (*)

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