In the name of the most Merciful, the most Kind and Loving…Yaa Allah…


Tight knots of confusion.

Pitch black. Groping.

Not knowing why.

Struggling to comprehend.

Hoping Yearning for love and care.

Desperate for any act of kindness.

Needing mercy.






Treated like shit. Worse.

Blood splashing everywhere.

Pain. Extreme pain.

Disfigured limbs.

Hurt. Badly hurt.

Tears fall into the crimson lake.

Desperately searching.

Willing to do anything…Just anything…

Brainwashed. Bared.

More pain. More torment.

Feeling of emptiness and confusion devouring the heart and soul.

More pain.

More torture.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for freedom.

Longing to be free.

Yearning for the Truth. To stop abuse.

Dying slowly, painfully. Physically. Mentally.Spiritually.

Questions haunt my mind.


When will this all end??!!!

Please. Please.Please.

Need some light, however dim.

Need kindness, however small.

Need mercy, however little.

Need help, from whoever possible.









Written in the light of the protest of Amina Tyler…

Let us all pray and make dua for to be shown the right Path…

May the knots of confusion plaguing her heart be untangled…

May her mind finally know peace…

Your Muslim Sisters will always be there for you inshaAllah, Dear Amina!

Ameen Ya Rabbal A’alameen

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