Am I ready?



Am I ready?

As the clouds gather,

Fear strikes my heart..

Will this be the end?

Or will this be another,

The chances I had were a great number,

Though I let all of them run asunder..

Will this be the end?

Am I satisfied with my level of belief?

Do my sight, thoroughly I sieve?

Am I confident to breathe..

While I disobey the One who my breath He gives?

Will this be the end should not be the question,

Rather it is the state of my belief and passion,

In obeying the One to whom I owe a redemption,

In every single deed, every single action…

Am I ready to serve my Creator,

And tell Him what little I have done for Him, sincere?

After all that I’ve wasted and compromised

Of my Deen, being so unruly and unwise…

Am I really ready??






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