Who am i compared to the sincere people out there?
Their hearts are so soft,
Their lips are moist with remembrance,
Their faces are so bright,
Their chests are filled with light,
Their minds are free from any bad thoughts..
So why are they praising me?
Is it because of pity?
Or is it because Allah made them unaware,
Of the sins beneath my cloak, i wear?
Or does Allah want to remind me of His Right upon me,
Am i trying to fulfil it, truly?
Or is it a test?
From Allah the Loving, who only He knows who is the best?
Or is it a torture,
From my Lord, before my departure?
On the other hand..
Why are my enemies praising me?
The answer is very clear,
They want to destroy my fear,
Of Allah the most Near..
They wish me to stray,
From the Path and lose my way.
They want me to feel great,
They want me to be blind towards my weaknesses and mistakes,
So that there’ll be no room for self-improvement,
And we’ll be weak enough for them to torment
May Allah let us see the Truth..
May the praises be a way for us to realise Allah’s blessing on us when He cloak the eyes of others so that they see not our defects..
Know that we can’t thank Him enough for this blessing, but the least we can do is try..

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