Being distracted by noisy children during Taraweeh


“Oftentimes we scold young kids for playing during prayer while we are also actually playing during prayer but instead of play manifested through our limbs, we play with our thoughts..”- My beloved Mom

It is common worldwide for young mothers to bring their young kids to the masjid for taraweeh prayers. We usually get distracted by them, either being amused by their antics or fuming at them for disrupting the peaceful environment in the mosques.
The above quote might be the solution to being distracted by them.
The question is: how?

Every time you see them playing and making lots of ‘irritating’ noises, bring to mind that they are better than you. They play with their limbs while you play with your mind but they don’t sin and you do.

Read this statement repeatedly to ingrain it in your minds and thus, make those so called ‘unruly’ children* a trigger for you to remind yourself to focus and stop your mind from wandering.

*(Most kids aren’t unruly. They’re just being kids! We just need understanding, tolerance and mercy)

For my beloved Muslim readers, I’m researching for ways to avoid being distracted by noisy children when going about our daily activities other than the one mentioned above (that tip could also be used in our daily lives). I’m also researching for ways that are not connected to religion for my dear non-Muslim readers out there:)

InshaAllah, I’ll post on it end of this year, when I’ll be having lots of free time inshaAllah.

Till then, please make du’a for me to be given ease in my upcoming prelims and O’ Levels and for me to be sincere in gaining knowledge..

May we all have a blessed Ramadhan filled with mercy, forgiveness and tolerance. May this be our best Ramadhan yet and the Ramadhan that would admit us into Paradise without Reckoning..
Ameen Ya Rabb Al-A’lameen



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One thought on “Being distracted by noisy children during Taraweeh

  1. JazakAllah for that beautiful perspective.

    My wife brought our daughter (then almost 3 years old) to the 1st taraweeh last year, and it was a disaster – hence she never brought her back after that. Now, a year later, I took our daughter to Esha recently, and she was amazingly well-behaved (until the end, when she couldn’t contain herself anymore ;). So I think age plays a big role, and probably the mood at the time. You need to read your child – knowing when they can have patience and when they just won’t survive.

    It’s probably a hot topic – with some people being very intolerant, and others recognising that by just not letting them come, we’re depriving them of the most beautiful environment we have access to.

    I think the key is probably just to keep them occupied with something they really like. But i really look forward to the outcome of your research later this year insha-Allah.

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