This is My Last Ramadhan… And these are My Last Words


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This is My Last Ramadhan… And these are My Last Words

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It is confirmed that I won’t live to see the next Ramadhan, although only Allah’s knows when each of us is going to die.

Claiming that this Ramadhan is my last will not shorten my age, nor will it prolong it. However, telling you my last words will make a difference, whether or not I shall live to see the next Ramadhan. Let me explain, please…

If I live to see the next Ramadhan, I can reflect upon what I’ve written (as my last words in a last Ramadhan), and I can also strive for better, insha Allah. If I die, I may be blessed and fortunate; when someone comes across it, benefits from it, and prays for me. If that happens, it will, indeed, mean a lot to the dead me.

I believe, that although you are anticipating what I’m going to say (as my last words), you you’ve also been processing what you would/may say, if this is your last Ramadhan. This article is my last words. You’re halfway, to the end of it.

Since you’ve finished processing what you would say, why don’t you join me in doing the following, to materialize it?

  1. Take a pen and a piece of paper, or your notes book.
  2. Transfer those words in your mind, from thoughts to written words. So write your last word. Remember, this may be your last Ramadhan, and hence, you’re writing your last words, in Ramadhan.
  3. Share what you’ve written with us, in the comment area below (or click here, if you are reading this from your email’s inbox).

If you live to see the next Ramadhan, you may come back here (to this article) to find it and reflect upon it. If Allah decides the otherwise, we shall pray for you, insha Allah.

This is my last Ramadhan… And those are my last words.

Allahu Hafiz :)


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