Silence is Gold


Silence is truly gold.
It is treasured at all times
Even though its value may increase or decrease throughout the years, it’ll still remain treasured.
To attain it is difficult. It is of no value before being polished and refined. Silence may seem insignificant at first, but as time passes by, it’s fruits are numerous.
However, unlike gold, silence could be attained by anybody and everybody; though some may find it easier to keep silent, others go through pains to do so.
Silence is rarely regretted, but rather it prevents a thousand years of regret.
As Sayyiduna Ali (ra) once said:
“A moment of silence in anger prevents a thousand years of regret”

Abu Hurairah (ra) reported:
The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“He who believes in Allah and the Last Day, must either say good or remain silent” (Muslim)

Be wise in being silent and your sîlence will make you wise with Allah’s Will..

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2 thoughts on “Silence is Gold

  1. Silence is simply beautiful! 🙂

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