Sometimes I Wonder..


Hmm..sometimes I do wonder..

Why we can read the whole Harry Potter series but we aren’t able to read a page of the Quran

Why we can stay up all night for a movie but not a minute before Fajr for Tahajjud

Why we spent hundreds on accessories but not even a single cent to clothe the poor

Why we are able to focus on a movie till we forgo everything, but in our Solah, we think about even the pettiest things

Why we lavishly ‘idolise’ the entertainers but not the Creator of all, including entertainment

Why for a girl to be accepted for herself, she must go and change her image till actually, she is being accepted for what people want her to be

Why in Africa, people treasure the fats they have, while in well-to-do countries, they hate their fats

Why we strive to emulate those who are slaves to humanity rather than those who are slaves to God

Why our eyes easily flicker to something haram but when we see a beggar, our eyes just as quickly stray

Why we can listen to heavy metal music and dance along with it but when we hear the azan, we can’t even lift a finger

Why we spent thousands on food and waste 99% of it when the poor spend a few cents on food and eat 99% of it

I wonder why I still disobey Him, when He has given me everything I need…

Ya Allah, protect me from showing ungratefulness for all that you have bestowed on me..

Ya Allah, help me stay on Your path and guide me back to it if I stray..

Ya Allah, don’t let me find the answers to those questions above by making me experience them at first hand

Ya Allah, I really really need your help to appreciate your favours upon me..

I know I’m nothing without You but I behave as if I’m everything..

Ameen Ya Rabbal A’lameen






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