Sincerity-The key to effective dakwah


“If you want your words to reach out to hearts, it must first come from the heart”

Sincerity is the key to effective dakwah. Ever wondered how scholars of the past had such talent in writing and why what we write now falls on dead “hearts”? Ever wondered why their words flooded eyes while ours flooded mouths instead?(drool from sleep><) Ever wondered why people rushed to their lectures to listen to what they have to say while people rushed to ours only for the food we had to serve?

Of course, it may be because we employed the wrong methods or it was because the people we were addressing had insomnia etc. However, we couldn’t deny that the origins of our words too had played a part. After reflecting upon our methods etc,  one must consider reflecting on one’s intention.

Where did our words really come from?

Was it from the ears yearning for praise or was it from the pockets yearning for more wealth?

Did they really originate from the heart longing to share with others our knowledge so that together we could  have a share in the happiness and tranquility that comes with it, plus acting on it for the sake of Allah? Did it really come from where we intended it to penetrate?
The answer is within the one who asks..

Search the depths of the fortress within and strive to purge out the darkness. Allow it to be illuminated by the Truth. Verily, its blinding light is initially hurtful. Right the wrongs in your life in this dunya and inshaAllah, Allah will right the wrongs in the next..

In short, just strive to find ways to convince yourself that your words must come from the heart in order to have any significance added to it in both worlds.

Ps. It must definitely not come from a heart longing for love and acceptance from others!


Hope this benefits:)

Alhamdulillahi a’la kulli ni’amihi a’layya..


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