I am a weak slave of Allah Almighty shakily crawling on His path to eternal salvation. He deserves all praises as He is the One who bestowed on us all kinds of blessings. He gave me the idea to start this blog. He moved my fingers over the keyboard to spread the word about The Truth. The very air we breathe now is what he decreed for us. Who knows, this very breath might be our last. Ask ourselves: Are we prepared for death? Are we prepared for the end of our journey to Him? Are we ready to see the fruits of our battle in this world? Are we ready to face The Divine asHe weighs our many sins that we did not manage to repent in this temporary world? This blog is about the struggles faced by most individuals on the path to The Divine…

And I end this post like those before me : All praises to The Lord Of  The Worlds!

Peace Be Upon You, O readers…


24 thoughts on “About

  1. ummkhaleel

    Assalam alaik dear Sis,

    Masha’Allah I’m impressed with your blog! I have yet to sit down and read everything through because you have very beneficial posts on your blog. Please keep it up 🙂 And about your classmates who question your intention, remember that only He knows. The next time they start bugging you, just remember that it is only important that He knows your true intention, not them 🙂

    May Allah reward you for your efforts!

  2. Salam dear sister, thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I really like your blog, it looks very informative. May Allah reward you. 🙂 ❤

  3. kaimislam

    thanks for following my blog. May Allah give us rahmat fillah dunia and akhirah

    • Apa yang ada di blog saya ini tidak sebanding dengan blog anda. Semoga Allah memberkati usaha kamu dan merahmatimu di dunia dan di akhirat.
      Setiap perkara termasuk kelebihan yang ada pada diri kita adalah daripada Allah yang Maha Esa.

  4. IslamicChamper

    Salam alaikum Sister

    Visit Muslim Online Bloggers -a new blog of mine which is a link blog for others to find us on the net…..we are many but when people search for us its hard to find us all,So I made this blog….

    Check out your link here http://muslimonlinebloggers.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/the-journey-to-salvation/

    Please do comment to improve me…

    In advance thank you..

    Wa salam

  5. Sis, I have nominated your blog for reader appreciation award at

    • Sorry for the late reply, your comment got caught in my spam folder. Thanks for the nomination:)
      Jazakillah Khayr:)

  6. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Jazakillah. Hope it’s not too late to wish you “Eid Fitr Mubarak”

    • Following your blog has been my gain. May Allah make it your gain too for you have spread His Deen:)
      JazakAllah Khayr
      Here, it is customary(more of tradition than anything else) for Eid to be celebrated for the whole month of Shawwaal so yes, it is not to late:)
      Eid Fitr Mubaarak to you too!

  7. Hardly able to read the categories because of the wallpaper…of which there are too many.

    • JazakAllah Khayr for your kind feedback. InshaAllah I’ll try to work on it:)
      All praises to Allah for indirectly giving me guidance in making this blog a medium in spreading His Deen.

      • I’m not being finicky but now the header wallpaper is too big, if you could shorten the width…the background is great, actually it makes the whole blog very readable, very easy on the eyes.

      • Suhailah

        No problem, JazakAllah Khayr for the advice. I really appreciate it:)
        I agree with you, its really big…I’ll work on it InshaAllah:)

      • I think it is the theme..I can’t seem to make it smaller…the picture is actually quite small, but when uploaded into the header, it becomes big..
        Or another possibility is that the size differs on what electronic device you use. eg. If I visit the site on my phone, I can only see 1/4 of the header but if I visit it on my laptop, the size is just right, even though its still big as like I said, it is the theme.
        Any suggestions?

  8. You can play with the settings in appearance – header but for now, download your same header image with perhaps just the right sizes fir for your blog:


    I have edited the width to 260, length is same, upload it and publish it ‘without any changes’ – do not crop it. Let me know how it goes.

    • Thank you so much for your assistance:) Sorry for troubling you…JazakAllah Khayr Katheer
      But I didn’t use the picture you so kindly crop for me as the ‘Bismillah’ is quite squeezed. But I did ‘play around with the header settings’ and Alhamdulillah, got the size I wanted:)
      Is the size okay?
      JAzakAllah Khayr and again, sorry for troubling you..

  9. Assalmu Alaikum Suhailah,
    I love the blog. It helps us to remember Allah (swt) especially when we’re on blogging sites like these. You also use a lot of my favorite Shaykhs, i.e. Bayyinah Institute ones and AlMaghrib ones, so I love it, lol! Anyway, May Allah (swt) bless you and forgive you of your sins and grant you Jannatul-Firdaws straight away with not reckoning and the absolute best in this life and the next! Ameen!

    • Alhamdulillah, Allah let you benefit from this blog of mine. All praises are indeed only for The One who made ideas flow from my fingers onto my keyboard to spread the treasure that he has given me:)
      Anyway, they too are among my favourite Shaykhs:)
      Although that talk(the ‘revive your spirits….) I listened to was the first talk I listened to by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda, he became among my favourites immediately!
      May Allah accept our efforts and keep our feet firm on the path to eternal salvation!

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