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The Power of Smiles:)


Its been a long time since I blogged:) Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me some free time today to write:)\

The power of smiling is amazing. The prophet (saw) described smiling as charity. Why? This is because when one smiles, one is giving charity to others and also himself. He is giving charity and nourishment to others and also his own souls. If money, food, clothing etc are charity for the physical being of a person, dua and smiles are charity for his spiritual and also mental being.

This is further elaborated here:

I’ve actually tried maintaining a smile on my face for a weeks now. I usually have a naturally fierce unsmiling face, especially if I’m deep in contemplation where I’ve been described to look very very emotionless and blank, like a zombie.

The results were MashaAllah!

1) Once I was returning home from school and I was exhausted but reminding myself of the benefits of smiling, I smiled. I actually feel less tired and peaceful. This, I think, is what made an Indonesian domestic worker(Muslimah, I think) to ask me where can she get a Quran with its translation as I was reading my Quran in the bus. I totally didn’t expected it for a few reasons. Firstly, her attire did not show that she is a Muslimah(I later found out that some domestic workers were not allowed to cover up by their employers) and secondly, I was ignorant to the fact that a person didn’t know where to get a Quran in Singapore!

I told her a few places around that area where she could get them. I would have given her the Quran I was reading but the translation was in old English and I did not think she would understand it. She then asked me if I can buy one for her and she will pay for it. By this time, I was about to alight the crowded bus. I apologised to her that I couldn’t buy one for her. I said that without thinking as I was hurriedly alighting from the crowded bus! What was I thinking!??

Let us together pray for Allah to lead her to a Quran and repay her willpower and eagerness to learn Islam.

The point here is that I didn’t think she would’ve approached me if I wasn’t smiling:)

2) Before I boarded the bus, I had to cross. It was raining and the traffic light was taking ages! I was drenched. Suddenly, a non-Muslim teen(I think) put her umbrella above me, half her body became drenched. I was touched! I think she would’ve been afraid to approach me if I wasn’t smiling:)

3) I was in the bus returning from my grandmother’s house. A non-Muslims lady sat beside me. As usual, I ignored her. Suddenly, I became aware of the fact that she was watching me as I completed my homework. Unfortunately, I was doing my Islamic Revealed Knowledge homework that was in Malay which I don’t think she understood.

As I was putting it in my bag, it got stuck so I was forcing it in and to my surprise, she helped me. I was was shocked. I smiled at her and thanked her. She then wished me Happy Holidays as I was alighting-another shock-(it was the Lunar New Year Holiday) and I wished her back:)

I didn’t think she would have wished me if I’d replied her with an unsmiling face:)


All in all, smile always as with each smile, charity is given and InshaAllah, you will be rewarded:)

I end with an excerpt from Osman Nuri Topbas’s book: The Exemplar Beyond Compare Muhammad Mustafa pbuh, page 44..

     A lovely light radiated from His face; there was a graceful flow in His speech, elegance in His every move, an extraordinary power of expression, and a supreme eloquence in every word that spilled from His tongue.

Never uttering a word in vain, his every word conveyed wisdom and advice. There was not the least space for backbiting and futile talk in His vocabulary. He would talk to people in accordance with their capacities.

He was kind and humble. Although he would never express His joy through excessive laughing, His face always put a warm smile on view.

Seeing Him instantaneously would overwhelm one in awe; though a brief conversation would suffice to implant feelings of deep love and affection towards Him

SubhanAllah!! His face is more beautiful than the moon. As His Ummah, we must emulate His every deed, word and even expression.

Upon hearing his(The Prophet pbuh) arrival in Madinah, the curious Abdullah Ibn Salam, then a Jewish scholar, visited the Prophet pbuh and after a fleeting look at His countenance, he remarked:

“Such a face can never lie”, and immediately became a Muslim there and then.(Tirmizi, Qiyamah, 42/2485; Ahmad, V, 451)


So smile, and not only will you get the reward for charity, you will also get the reward for following the sunnah of the Prophet pbuh InshaAllah:)

ps. I really recommend you to read the above stated book. InshaAllah, your heart will be brimming with love for Allah and His Messenger after reading just a few paragraphs lines!

pps. My head is currently filled with things to post about(like the wonderful and beneficial MashaAllah ProductiveMuslim seminar I went end of last month) but I’m very occupied with my studies now. Please make dua for my success in both worlds and to not make my studies a severer of my connection with Allah and also with His Ummah, Ameen.

Till we meet again InshaAllah!

Don’t remember to smile:)



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