Knock for success


I had to follow suit,
But i can’t seem to go past the external,
For inside me, a war is raging and i seem to be losing..
I struggle..every second..yearning for the Truth to be followed..
But alas, time and again i fell prey to my desires..being lured into the cave of the dunya and being pounced upon by my nafs in the dark dark tunnels meant to lead astray those who want to be led astray….

What’s the use of looking pious
If its all skin deep..
I need to win this battle, fight my way out of this cave
I need to emerge victorious!

The question is……how??


Question: How do you get a door to open?

Answer: There are 2 options…

1) Strive really really hard to unlock its multiple state-of-the-art locks using all sorts of expensive tools you’d worked really really hard to obtain

2) Knock and it will be opened for you

Its up to us to choose what suits us best:))

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli nia’mihi alayya..


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Do we really believe in resurrection??


Do we really believe that we will be resurrected?

Look around you…look out your window..imagine the them being destroyed and crushed. Imagine them being swallowed up by the Earth. Imagine the stars we see every night falling onto our houses. Imagine the sky we see now being folded like a scroll.

Look at your family as you sit together for dinner and imagine them sitting like that for dinner in paradise, eating the most delicious of food..for all eternity, knowing that nobody would be leaving you forever and there will be no worry upon you nor would there be anymore grief.

Imagine on the other hand..you and your family burning in the blazing fire, feasting only on pus and blood…alone, regretting what you have each done or rather, not done in the dunya when you thought that you had all the time in the world…

Imagine you and your family, gathered in the same place but separated, standing alone in front of Allah, hoping and yearning his His Mercy to engulf you on the day where the Most Merciful is also al Muntaqim…

Just imagine yourself in those moments where your soul is being taken to where it originated..as your family carried you into your grave and left you there alone to face your fate..

Imagine the fact that those events could happen any second now…..or in the space of years.

Hard to imagine init when you are so protected in the safety of your own home, right?
It almost seems impossible. I mean, this is my life that I’m supposed to live to the fullest. I’m safe here right? I got my family and a job and also everything i want.

But an undeniable reality makes it possible…death. With death, all of this seems possible..no, a certainty.
With death, we know that where we are now is only temporary. There must be something after death right? It just doesn’t make sense for us to be here in the world just by coincidence and after we die…we die. Thats it. That’s our fate.

There must be a purpose to this life. There must be a logical reason for our existence. Our existence can’t possibly be ”merely coincidental”. 0+0+0 can not possibly ever give you one, right?

Teachers always have a reason for giving an equation. Similarly, Allah gives us the above equation for a reason. He certainly did not give a difficult one. He gave us a very simple one that even toddlers could answer. He gave us that rhetorical equation so that we get the hint and right-en our perspective concerning our existence.

Now, the question is, how do we judge whether one has fulfilled his  purpose or continues to waste their lives away? We humans can’t be the judge. There is no way we can be 100% sure that someone is 100% fair. Hence, it only makes sense that the One who judges us on whether we have fulfilled our purpose is the One who gave us that purpose in the first place and the One whom we are 100% sure is fair, for the One who owns everything can’t possibly have any form of ulterior motives that could result in His bias-ness.

But as like in any court, proof is needed. It is not enough for a person to only have believe without any action done to proof that belief. And hence, like any other court, those proven guilty of not having fulfilled their purpose will face a severe punishment and hence, hell must exist.

Similarly, for those who have fulfilled their purpose, they need to be rewarded and hence, paradise must exist.

May we be amongst the ones who is enveloped in His encompassing Mercy and be granted the bliss of meeting Him…

Ameen Ya Rabbal Aa’lameen

Hope my disorganised thoughts here makes some sense:)

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli ni’amihi alayna..


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Nature v/s Our hearts


Imagine waking up to a breath of sweet fresh air, untarnished by the pollutions of mankind on this dunya..

Imagine waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping happily, undisturbed by the sound of the motors of vehicles..

Imagine seeing greenery all around-nature at its finest-as you walk along the straight path through the evergreen and lively woods near your home, untouched by the ugly grey slabs of mankind..

Imagine looking up towards the sky and seeing no limits towards your creativity that you have been bestowed with..unblocked by the imposing skyscrapers bearing down upon you…

Now imagine Jannah’s(paradise) beauty…a beauty beyond the capacity of our ever wide imagination …

We say that nature is best left untouched. But we ironically dirty the natural disposition of our hearts with the very dunya that we hate to tarnish the natural beauty of this world.

In other words..
Why do we hate nature to be tarnished by mankind but we willingly allow our hearts to be tainted by this dunya, the temporary abode of mankind??
Talk about being biased!!

Let us wake up to the fresh attar(natural perfume) on our prayer mats instead of the putrid smell of cigarette smoke some of us tend to huff every morning..

Let us wake up to the melodious sound of the Quran being played as our alarm instead of some heavy metal music..

Let us immerse ourselves in the journey Allah takes us with His Words in the early hours, followed by walking calmly to the nearby mosque, obtaining blessings and mercy with every step biiznillah..instead of heading to the nearby kopitiam(coffeeshop) to watch the repeat telecast of last night’s football match(in the morning??)..or…instead of zooming through lala land(that’s better!)..

Let us not limit ourselves in our capability to achieve peace and happiness in both worlds by imposing hard guidelines and extreme interpretation of the rulings of the shariah on our poor selves..the sky is not the limit! 

Be fair upon ourselves..the biggest oppressor is within us all. Only we decide whether we’d allow it to reign command over our lives and hence destroying whatever life we have or we choose to emerge victorious in that battle and gain peace and serenity in both worlds…

Perhaps that is why Allah says in Surah Ar-Rum, verse 41:

“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].”

Perhaps by seeing the destruction caused by following mankind’s desires, we’ll be more inclined to hate what caused that destruction and hence would return to Allah to seek refuge in Him from such destruction as we’ve realised, after some soul-searching, the effects of following mankind’s desires on our inner well-being..And Allah knows best.(Now that is a long sentence!)

Do we want to achieve the picture below for what we see around us as well as what’s inside us??

You decide!

Hope this helps:)

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli ni’amihi alaynaa…


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A new chapter..


As the last sun of the year sets in the sea of the Ordained, signalling the end of a chapter of the book of life..

The moon rises, shining with glory, bringing with it the promise of clarity, peace and tranquillity in all this turmoil, chaos and disunity..its rays bring the hope of dispelling the darkness and oppression that has engulfed mankind…

The book that contains all creation as its main characters has just begun a new chapter, leaving us all clueless to whether this chapter is among the first of many or among the last of millions…

May this be a blessed year filled with reform for us all..


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Sometimes I Wonder..


Hmm..sometimes I do wonder..

Why we can read the whole Harry Potter series but we aren’t able to read a page of the Quran

Why we can stay up all night for a movie but not a minute before Fajr for Tahajjud

Why we spent hundreds on accessories but not even a single cent to clothe the poor

Why we are able to focus on a movie till we forgo everything, but in our Solah, we think about even the pettiest things

Why we lavishly ‘idolise’ the entertainers but not the Creator of all, including entertainment

Why for a girl to be accepted for herself, she must go and change her image till actually, she is being accepted for what people want her to be

Why in Africa, people treasure the fats they have, while in well-to-do countries, they hate their fats

Why we strive to emulate those who are slaves to humanity rather than those who are slaves to God

Why our eyes easily flicker to something haram but when we see a beggar, our eyes just as quickly stray

Why we can listen to heavy metal music and dance along with it but when we hear the azan, we can’t even lift a finger

Why we spent thousands on food and waste 99% of it when the poor spend a few cents on food and eat 99% of it

I wonder why I still disobey Him, when He has given me everything I need…

Ya Allah, protect me from showing ungratefulness for all that you have bestowed on me..

Ya Allah, help me stay on Your path and guide me back to it if I stray..

Ya Allah, don’t let me find the answers to those questions above by making me experience them at first hand

Ya Allah, I really really need your help to appreciate your favours upon me..

I know I’m nothing without You but I behave as if I’m everything..

Ameen Ya Rabbal A’lameen






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Pondering upon creation


Pondering upon creation


When I look at the sky, so high.

The birds, so graceful they fly..

I wondered why,

I’m still living in my bubble of lies..


As I hear the cries,

Of one whose relative has just died,

I wondered why,

In my shell of deception I still hide..


As I look at the grass so green,

I wondered why,

I’m still in my world of dreams..


As I look at the mountains, so majestic with flair,

I wondered why,

It declined to bear,

What I undertook without a care..


As I look at the oceans so vast,

I wondered why,

In Allah I’d doubted my trust,

When His knowledge is just as vast..


As I look at fire. so fierce,

I wondered why,

I’m still controlled by my whims and desires..


As I look at the sand so fine,

I wondered why,

I ignore the gravity of my crimes,

When I deport this world of signs..


As I look at the animals so diverse,

I wondered why,

I have ever thought I owned the universe..


As I pondered upon creation,

I wondered..

Without His Mercy,

Who Am I In Comparison??



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Am I ready?



Am I ready?

As the clouds gather,

Fear strikes my heart..

Will this be the end?

Or will this be another,

The chances I had were a great number,

Though I let all of them run asunder..

Will this be the end?

Am I satisfied with my level of belief?

Do my sight, thoroughly I sieve?

Am I confident to breathe..

While I disobey the One who my breath He gives?

Will this be the end should not be the question,

Rather it is the state of my belief and passion,

In obeying the One to whom I owe a redemption,

In every single deed, every single action…

Am I ready to serve my Creator,

And tell Him what little I have done for Him, sincere?

After all that I’ve wasted and compromised

Of my Deen, being so unruly and unwise…

Am I really ready??






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Who am i compared to the sincere people out there?
Their hearts are so soft,
Their lips are moist with remembrance,
Their faces are so bright,
Their chests are filled with light,
Their minds are free from any bad thoughts..
So why are they praising me?
Is it because of pity?
Or is it because Allah made them unaware,
Of the sins beneath my cloak, i wear?
Or does Allah want to remind me of His Right upon me,
Am i trying to fulfil it, truly?
Or is it a test?
From Allah the Loving, who only He knows who is the best?
Or is it a torture,
From my Lord, before my departure?
On the other hand..
Why are my enemies praising me?
The answer is very clear,
They want to destroy my fear,
Of Allah the most Near..
They wish me to stray,
From the Path and lose my way.
They want me to feel great,
They want me to be blind towards my weaknesses and mistakes,
So that there’ll be no room for self-improvement,
And we’ll be weak enough for them to torment
May Allah let us see the Truth..
May the praises be a way for us to realise Allah’s blessing on us when He cloak the eyes of others so that they see not our defects..
Know that we can’t thank Him enough for this blessing, but the least we can do is try..

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In the name of the most Merciful, the most Kind and Loving…Yaa Allah…


Tight knots of confusion.

Pitch black. Groping.

Not knowing why.

Struggling to comprehend.

Hoping Yearning for love and care.

Desperate for any act of kindness.

Needing mercy.






Treated like shit. Worse.

Blood splashing everywhere.

Pain. Extreme pain.

Disfigured limbs.

Hurt. Badly hurt.

Tears fall into the crimson lake.

Desperately searching.

Willing to do anything…Just anything…

Brainwashed. Bared.

More pain. More torment.

Feeling of emptiness and confusion devouring the heart and soul.

More pain.

More torture.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for the Truth.

Crying for freedom.

Longing to be free.

Yearning for the Truth. To stop abuse.

Dying slowly, painfully. Physically. Mentally.Spiritually.

Questions haunt my mind.


When will this all end??!!!

Please. Please.Please.

Need some light, however dim.

Need kindness, however small.

Need mercy, however little.

Need help, from whoever possible.









Written in the light of the protest of Amina Tyler…

Let us all pray and make dua for to be shown the right Path…

May the knots of confusion plaguing her heart be untangled…

May her mind finally know peace…

Your Muslim Sisters will always be there for you inshaAllah, Dear Amina!

Ameen Ya Rabbal A’alameen

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Free the kingdom within..


Free the kingdom within!


Make du’a O Muslim as that is your weapon in vanquishing your nafs(lower self) and all time enemy Shaithaan. They have long since conquered your heart and now is the time for their rule to end. Free your heart O Warrior and find the key to being a Mukmin in the kingdom of your soul. Remember to rule justly and never ever oppress your subjects in this world lest they betray you in the next..


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