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Arabic in the Quran-Introduction

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

I have not posted for a very long time as I was overseas attending an arabic and leadership camp in Pahang, Malaysia organised by my school conducted by Al-Bayaan instructers(for the arabic part) and Akademi Azam D’Perkasa Rebutia(the Islamic leadership camp) I’ve learnt a lot there Alhamdulillah. I’ll share it with you some day, not now as my schedule is a bit packed.

One of the things that occupy my schedule is what I am posting today.

My aunt decided to form a group to develop a curriculum for teaching Arabic in the Quran for children aged 6-8. This is because she observed that if a person is learning a foreign language, it is difficult for him to learn, read and appreciate it without understanding it. In Singapore and Malaysia, kids learn to read the Quran(Arabic) by just learning to read it, pronounce its letters correctly etc. without really understanding it. This is being unfair to Arabic  A Malay kid in Malaysia who doesn’t know how to speak English will first understand English before they read it but then, when it comes to Arabic, they learn to read it first. So, as a result, the child gets bored as he is learning something he doesn’t understand and what seems like a waste of time. Thus, he reads the Quran out of dread and as he was forced to do so. This makes his relationship with the Quran void from love.

What prompted her observation was about 15 or 20 years ago, when she was reading her Quran in Makkah, a Somali spoke to her in Arabic so she said she did not understand Arabic. The Somali was shocked and replied that how can she read the Quran without understanding Arabic?

Also, 5 years ago, she started a project in Camdodia to teach the local Muslim Children in a poor Muslim village in Cambodia English and now, Alhamdulillah, they are very fluent in English. So she had been thinking to apply that to teaching Arabic in Singapore to Muslim children who have no basic knowledge on Arabic.

So, I would really appreciate your help in making the materials.

This is the rough plan of each lesson…(conducted once a week)

First lesson:

1) Learning and recognising letters a, ba , ta and tsa.

-how, to pronouce, how to write, how do they look like as a letter and how do they look like in the middle, starting and end of a word. And also, few words in the Quran which contain these  letters. Also, their different shakl eg, ta, ti, tu.

2) Worksheets- practice writing

3) Story telling (stories in the Quran)

4) Songs to further blossom their love for the Quran and its letters

Second lesson:

1) Sukn, Shaddah and Tanween+recap last lesson

2) Worksheets- practice writing

3) Story telling (stories in the Quran)

4) Videos and Songs to further blossom their love for the Quran and its letters

Third lesson:

Same as the first but with letters ja, ha and kha.

Fourth lesson:

Same as the second lesson but with letters ja, ha , kha.

This is continuous. Just figuring out where to insert mad.

I’d really really appreciate your help with the materials(especially with the worksheets and videos) and the curriculum planning:)

I’ll upload what I have made when I have made it In sha~a Allah

Please make du’a for all involved in this pilot project to be blessed by Allah and to ease their all affairs and their efforts to instill love of Allah’s Words in the hearts of all Muslim children

Jazakumullah Khayran and I apologise for not being able to post frequently:( Pray for me to have time and steadfastness.


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