Sincerity-The key to effective dakwah


“If you want your words to reach out to hearts, it must first come from the heart”

Sincerity is the key to effective dakwah. Ever wondered how scholars of the past had such talent in writing and why what we write now falls on dead “hearts”? Ever wondered why their words flooded eyes while ours flooded mouths instead?(drool from sleep><) Ever wondered why people rushed to their lectures to listen to what they have to say while people rushed to ours only for the food we had to serve?

Of course, it may be because we employed the wrong methods or it was because the people we were addressing had insomnia etc. However, we couldn’t deny that the origins of our words too had played a part. After reflecting upon our methods etc,  one must consider reflecting on one’s intention.

Where did our words really come from?

Was it from the ears yearning for praise or was it from the pockets yearning for more wealth?

Did they really originate from the heart longing to share with others our knowledge so that together we could  have a share in the happiness and tranquility that comes with it, plus acting on it for the sake of Allah? Did it really come from where we intended it to penetrate?
The answer is within the one who asks..

Search the depths of the fortress within and strive to purge out the darkness. Allow it to be illuminated by the Truth. Verily, its blinding light is initially hurtful. Right the wrongs in your life in this dunya and inshaAllah, Allah will right the wrongs in the next..

In short, just strive to find ways to convince yourself that your words must come from the heart in order to have any significance added to it in both worlds.

Ps. It must definitely not come from a heart longing for love and acceptance from others!


Hope this benefits:)

Alhamdulillahi a’la kulli ni’amihi a’layya..


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Allahu Akbar!

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13/12 khutbah–Challenges And Obstacles In The Era Of Globalisation


Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
Friday Sermon
13 December 2013 / 10 Safar 1435

hallenges And Obstacles In The Era Of Globalisation

Dear brothers, On this noble Friday, let us strengthen our iman towards Allah s.w.t. and aim to become Muslims who hold true to the teachings of Islam in every situation.

Dear Friday jemaah, Changing times and circumstances is a Sunnatullah, or the decree of Allah, which cannot be avoided. The situation today is not the same as ten years ago. Technological advancements in communication and transportation systems which we enjoy today have not only changed our lifestyles but also the way we think. Along with these beneficial changes come various challenges. The question that arises is; how do we Muslims face these challenges as an individual as well as a community?

Last week, we were reminded of the need to leverage on technology in today’s globalised world, to bring ourselves closer to Allah s.w.t. This can be done by taking advantage of platforms such as the Internet to spread the beauty of the akhlak of Rasulullah s.a.w. and to increase our knowledge. Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah s.w.t. who has given us many pathways to deepen our understanding of His deen, and to seek His pleasure. We pray that we will become Muslims who will be of able to help others and bring benefits to others, just as Rasulullah s.a.w. said: Which means: “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the res Continue reading

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This is a post inspired by the second lesson of Qibla on Islamic Medicines. It is not a verbatim summary as references have been pulled from Medicine, and the Quran and Sunnah in addition to what was taught.


Imam Ghazali defined the principles of humanity as defined in Islam as five (these principles are also called the blood, the bones and the flesh of Islam or the Shariah of Islam)

In order to safeguard humanity we have to protect five things:

  1. Protect our Deen (Both the quality and quantity and what we do for the sake of Allah)

  2. Protect Human Survival

  3. Protect Sanity

  4. Protect our offspring

  5. Protect our wealth

What is the relationship of Exercise and rest in fulfilling these five principles of Islam pertaining to humanity?


The practices of Deen require…

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Nature v/s Our hearts


Imagine waking up to a breath of sweet fresh air, untarnished by the pollutions of mankind on this dunya..

Imagine waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping happily, undisturbed by the sound of the motors of vehicles..

Imagine seeing greenery all around-nature at its finest-as you walk along the straight path through the evergreen and lively woods near your home, untouched by the ugly grey slabs of mankind..

Imagine looking up towards the sky and seeing no limits towards your creativity that you have been bestowed with..unblocked by the imposing skyscrapers bearing down upon you…

Now imagine Jannah’s(paradise) beauty…a beauty beyond the capacity of our ever wide imagination …

We say that nature is best left untouched. But we ironically dirty the natural disposition of our hearts with the very dunya that we hate to tarnish the natural beauty of this world.

In other words..
Why do we hate nature to be tarnished by mankind but we willingly allow our hearts to be tainted by this dunya, the temporary abode of mankind??
Talk about being biased!!

Let us wake up to the fresh attar(natural perfume) on our prayer mats instead of the putrid smell of cigarette smoke some of us tend to huff every morning..

Let us wake up to the melodious sound of the Quran being played as our alarm instead of some heavy metal music..

Let us immerse ourselves in the journey Allah takes us with His Words in the early hours, followed by walking calmly to the nearby mosque, obtaining blessings and mercy with every step biiznillah..instead of heading to the nearby kopitiam(coffeeshop) to watch the repeat telecast of last night’s football match(in the morning??)..or…instead of zooming through lala land(that’s better!)..

Let us not limit ourselves in our capability to achieve peace and happiness in both worlds by imposing hard guidelines and extreme interpretation of the rulings of the shariah on our poor selves..the sky is not the limit! 

Be fair upon ourselves..the biggest oppressor is within us all. Only we decide whether we’d allow it to reign command over our lives and hence destroying whatever life we have or we choose to emerge victorious in that battle and gain peace and serenity in both worlds…

Perhaps that is why Allah says in Surah Ar-Rum, verse 41:

“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].”

Perhaps by seeing the destruction caused by following mankind’s desires, we’ll be more inclined to hate what caused that destruction and hence would return to Allah to seek refuge in Him from such destruction as we’ve realised, after some soul-searching, the effects of following mankind’s desires on our inner well-being..And Allah knows best.(Now that is a long sentence!)

Do we want to achieve the picture below for what we see around us as well as what’s inside us??

You decide!

Hope this helps:)

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli ni’amihi alaynaa…


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Path to happiness#3


Path to happiness#3

Thinking good of people a making as much excuses for others as possible really are the cures to many of our social problems.

Hamdun al-Qassar, one of the great early Muslims, said, “If a friend among your friends errs, make seventy excuses for them. If your hearts are unable to do this, then know that the shortcoming is in your own selves.” [Imam Bayhaqi, Shu`ab al-Iman,7.522]

We most of the time end up hating ourselves and others because of what they did or said to us. We take their actions as personal attacks and their words as missiles incidentally propelled at our hearts. By allowing their words or actions to get to us, we feel dejected and angry as well as disappointed with them and due to our inability to use their criticism to propel us forward, we end up hating ourselves as well as the way we react to the actions of others.

In addition, when they do not meet up to our expectations, we may feel angry at ourselves due to setting up too high an expectation for others.

By making excuses for others, we are allowing them space to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect right??

Hence, we would live happily and peacefully in our society, free of grudges and feelings of defensiveness as well as destructive self-hate.


–> When people make mistakes, they are actually not making mistakes. We only perceive them as mistakes but in reality, they are actually not mistakes. They are actually not meeting up to the high expectations we sub.consciously set for them and hence, we get upset with them for being unable to meet up to our standards. Isn’t that oppressing them???

We say they make mistakes. So they’re the ones who should right it…not us.
Hence, we tend to blame people who we perceive to have made a mistake when in reality, they only did not meet up to our high expectations.

(The words in brown above only applies to specific cases…it is just a theory..)

So, When anyone wrongs you or simply annoy the guts out of you, don’t get angry, don’t take heart. No one is perfect while everyone is imperfect, meaning that everyone will be bound to make mistakes. Just make as much excuses as you can for others but be smart as there will always be some cases unsuitable for the above.

Something that might be of help:


Hope this benefits..Remember to smile:)

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli ni’amihi alayna….



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6/12– Enriching The Practice Of Religion In The Era Of Globalisation



Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura

Friday Sermon

6 December 2013 / 3 Safar 1435

Enriching The Practice Of Religion In

The Era Of Globalisation

Dear Friday jemaah,

On this noble Friday, let us increase our takwa towards Allah s.w.t. Let us commit ourselves to fulfilling all of Allah’s commands and leave behind what He has prohibited upon us.


Dear blessed jemaah

We are now living in a borderless world, almost as if the world is now smaller. Just look at how easy it is to communicate with friends and family members thousands of miles away. We can also now order goods from overseas merely with the touch of a button on our mobile phone screens, and it will arrive swiftly. More than that, we can now receive all sorts of information and latest news around the globe easily. This is referred to as globalisation, where the world is described as getting smaller and interactions between men all over the world is faster and more accessible.


This phenomenon also brings about many challenges to our religious life. There are various outside influences, thoughts and foreign lifestyles which may be against the Islamic principles that we understand. Therefore, it is important for us to boost our resilience. This is to help ensure that our faith will always bloom and our takwa will remain strong as we tide through the challenges of modernity.


Whatever the success that we aim to achieve in this world, it should not weaken our bond with Allah s.w.t. We should strive to be like those whose hearts and souls are always close to Allah s.w.t. as Allah has mentioned in surah Al-Anfal, verse 2:


Which means: The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely -”


Dear brothers,

Islam is a religion which encourages its followers to be forward-thinking and progressive within the framework of Islam as outlined in the Syariah. The glorious Islamic civilisations emphasized the formation of individuals with strong faith and religiously resilient communities with good manners and are broad-minded.


As a result, we can see how our past scholars have achieved progress and success in improving the lives of men. The Islamic civilisation that they have developed is based on iman (faith) and takwa (piety).


Despite the rapid developments and progress that were achieved, Islamic principles and values were never pushed aside. In fact, Islamic values were the spirit that drove the development of a civilisation that contributed to the advancement of humankind globally. This is what we should emulate, my brothers. We have to remain confident as we face the challenges of globalisation. In our efforts to curb the negative impacts of globalisation in our lives as well as our spirituality, we have to take advantage of the positive elements that arise as a result of globalisation, to benefit us both in this world and the hereafter.


My dear brothers,

As an example, we can ride on the wave of globalisation to spread the noble values taught in Islam to the global community. Rasulullah s.a.w reminded us that:

Which means: “Verily I have been sent to perfect good character.”

[Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad]


Thus with the ease of transportation and exchange of information today, we can easily introduce the values of ihsan (compassion), humanity (insan) and respect that was exemplified by Rasulullah’s character, to the entire world. For example, recently we saw how the Muslim community stepped forward to contribute to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines through various humanitarian organisations and channels including the Rahmatan Lil’alamin Fund (RLAF).We also find that more of our youths have volunteered their time and energy to participate in humanitarian projects overseas during the school holidays to help improve the quality of lives to communities that are in need, at the same time bringing some hope and cheer to these poor communities outside Singapore.


Dear jemaah,

The rapid development of information technology allows us to strengthen friendships and bring closer the bonds that tie us together. In today’s globalised world, we have no excuse not to stay in touch and communicate with friends and acquaintances. This is also encouraged by the Prophet s.a.w. in a hadith which means:

Spread salam among you, serve the food, behave kindly with your blood relations, and offer prayer at night when others are asleep, and you will enter paradise safely.” [Narrated by Imam Ahmad and Tirmidzi]




My brothers,

Globalisation has given us a platform to improve our knowledge. Today, we are not limited by physical spaces in order to seek knowledge because we can easily attain knowledge and information through the cyberspace and virtual world. For example, if in the past we would have to step into a library or book store to borrow or buy books, today we can access various reading materials online through a computer, tablet or smart phone.


Besides that, we also have the opportunity to communicate and connect more closely with the Ulama and intellectuals globally through cyberspace as well as when they visit our country. Wherever we are, we can listen to and watch recordings of lectures by scholars (Ulama) from our own country as well as those based overseas. If we do not have time to listen to them live, then we should try and make time during this holiday season to listen and watch them with our families.


My brothers,

While rapid advancements in technology have brought with it a host of challenges, we can also take advantage of technology to enrich our religious life. For example, it is now very easy for us to determine the direction of kiblat and verify prayer times wherever we are, including in the airplane, simply by using applications that can be downloaded to our smartphones. This will ease our ibadah and fulfilling our religious obligations, and thus there are no excuses for us to miss our ibadah such as our prayers.


Friday Jemaah,

As more of our Muslim children pursue their education and training in the field of technology, we must ensure that they are motivated to apply their knowledge and skills to ensure that it benefits their religious lives as well as that of others. Let us make doa that there will be more Singaporean Muslims who would be able to make contributions to the advancements in technology for the improvement of the quality of lives globally


May Allah equip us with wisdom so that we are able to be of service to His deen through the use of technology which Allah has inspired in men. May Allah s.w.t. continue to protect us and our families in goodness.

Aamin ya Rabbal ‘Aalamin.






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29/11– Understanding The Responsibilities Of Taking Care Of Children


Sorry for the delay..


Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura

Friday Sermon

29 November 2013 /  25 Muharram 1434

Understanding The Responsibilities Of

Taking Care Of Children


Dear Friday Jemaah,

Let us continue in our efforts to ensure that our families and ourselves remain in a state of takwa towards Allah s.w.t. Let us ensure that we do not ignore Allah’s commands, and neither do we transgress the boundaries Allah has set for us. May Allah keep us in His protection in this world and the hereafter

My brothers,

We are currently in the school holiday period. It is a very valuable time and we should not let it pass just like that. It is an opportunity for us to strengthen our ties with our children and family, and at the same time recall the joy of parenting that Allah has blessed upon us.

Dear Jemaah,

Raising children is challenging. That is why Allah has accorded a high status to parents. By granting us children, Allah s.w.t. is giving us the opportunity to have a special standing in His sight. By becoming parents, we are given the authority to shape the life of another human being. But this authority or privilege comes with huge responsibilities, befitting the high status Allah has accorded to parents. Thus, there are several reminders that I would like to share today:

First: We have to try to understand our children, and at the same time help them understand our concerns.


In the Quran Allah s.w.t. tells us of  the story of Prophet Ya’qub and Prophet Yusuf a.s, and this story is one of the best examples that reflects the relationship of a father and a child. Allah s.w.t. says in surah Yusuf, verses 4 and 5:

Which means: (Of these stories mention) when Yusuf said to his father, “O my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.” He said, “O my son, do not relate your vision to your brothers or they will contrive against you a plan. Indeed Satan, to man, is a manifest enemy.”

My brothers, notice how Prophet Ya’qub a.s. always listened to his son’s opinions even though he was still young. However, the love and care of a father towards his children does not mean he is willing to give in to all of his children’s requests. In the consecutive verse Prophet Ya’qub a.s. gave his personal opinion to his son, and thus asked his son to obey his wish by not telling his siblings about his dream.

This is an example in educating our children. At times, as parents we have to listen to them and accept their opinions. When both parents often discuss with their children on daily matters, it will develop the maturity and the personality of our children. However, in educating our children, we have to take a balanced approach. At times, both parents have to be firm by setting out what their children have to obey. Especially if it has to do with religious matters (such as performing their ibadah) and matters to do with their morals and akhlak as Muslim.

Second: We need to be responsible and fully aware of our children’s activities.

Of late, we have seen how some parents give in to all the wants and wishes of their children. Perhaps because they love their children very much, or some will reason that it is because of “mutual trust” between the parents and children; thus the children are allowed – as an example –  to sleep over at a friend’s house, a friend of the opposite gender. Or the parents do not mind who their children bring home, or even bother to find out who their children’s friends are and who their children mix with.

Besides that, we should also not allow our children to use the Internet and social media sites without any monitoring on our part, or without any form of guidance from us. Even though we need to give them space to leverage on technology, it is a fardhu ain for every mother and father to ensure that their children understands and applies the proper adab or etiquette when interacting online and in making use of these technology. For example, they need to be constantly reminded and as a family, we should discuss about the information that they read online (through websites, social media platforms and so on). We also need to set a time limit, both for themselves and ourselves, as to the amount of time we can spend online. Take the time during this holiday season to get to know our children better, learn who they are, who their friends are and their newly-found interests, if any.

Share with our children lessons about how Allah s.w.t watches over us and is aware of every deed, actions and intention. As Rasulullah s.a.w. said to a young companion:

Which means: “O young man, I shall teach you some words [of advice]: Be Mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you. Be Mindful of Allah and you will find Him in front of you”.

[Hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidzi and Imam Ahmad]

When our children can understand and truly feel that Allah always sees them, it will strengthen their sense of taqwa. Thus, what becomes the standard is not whether their parents can know of everything that they do, but that Allah s.w.t. sees and knows everything that they do.

Third: Fill their time with beneficial activities.

Set their schedule with enough time for play, resting, entertainment and at the same time to be able to learn something new through interesting programmes. For example, we can encourage them to memorise supplications (doa) or several surah of their choice, or to read a book and then share with us what they have read. We can also send them to various camps that are being organised, those aimed at developing their confidence, character and leadership. Imam Al-Ghazali wrote in his book Bidayatul Hidayah that the barakah of time comes from good planning.

My brothers,

Our children are our heritage. If we raise them to be obedient towards Allah s.w.t. and diligent in helping others and doing good deeds, we not only groom them to become future dwellers of Paradise Insha’Allah, but hopefully, when the time has come for us to leave this world, the prayers and supplications of our children will accompany us.

May Allah s.w.t. bless our lives and that of our families, with His barakah and grant us with tranquility in this world and eternal happiness in the hereafter. Aamin ya Rabbal ‘Aalamin.


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Blogging consistently #1-Loving it!


Consistency…the dream of the average blogger…the aspiration of every Muslim..

Having said so, why are there so many of us stuck on the path of being consistent in blogging? Surely, with the correct intention(to help spread the Deen), we Muslim bloggers would be cruising down the uphill road of consistency. But why is it that some of us, or rather me, failed to do as much as take a tiny step up the path???

Alhamdulillah, Allah answered this question I had through a fellow blogger over at The Animation Commendation. I discovered that not only does consistency depend on intention and/or motivation, it too depends on whether the blogger loves what he is posting about.

Wait a moment..don’t jump to conclusions just yet..

I’m not saying that there are some of us who hate writing about Islam, and I seek refuge in Allah from such a thought..although some may feel that they hate it due to misconceptions on what writing about Islam is really all about.

The thing is, it is not the job, its the way it is done.

For example, some of us hate sweeping the house because it is tiring but it is not because we hate tidiness. But we may think that we hate tidiness as keeping the house clean is so tiresome and hence, we blame the way we do the job on the job itself. Isn’t that being biased?? Instead, if we bought a vacuum cleaner, we may not end up being tired from cleaning the house and hence, we may not be psychologically inclined to ”hate” tidiness.

Let me rephrase the above example..

A teen(lets call him Ahmad) has to clean his room. The problem is, he has to sweep it first due to all the late night snacks he’s been gorging on the past month. Due to all the clutter on the floor, sweeping it seems like a huge chore for him. So, he ended up hating cleaning due to the methods he employed to clean his room as well as his narrow-minded mindset that refuses to allow him to emply other methods.

Ahmad’s sister on the other hand(not being a feminist btw:p) faced the same problem as Ahmad. She however, had the motivation to change her condition and hence, she varied her cleaning methods to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Well….that’s a whole lot of stuff to digest…

Do take a few minutes to read it again and again as repetition aids digestion:)

Continue reading the above again and again till you can really sea the big picture..

Done? Good alhamdulillah!:D

Lets move on to the next part…

Some bloggers(especially me) fail to consistently try to be consistent in posting consistent posts so as to consistently sustain their consistency in being consistent.

Here, syaithan will try to fool us into believing that we aren’t ‘cut-off’ to post about Islam. Are we gonna let him win and prosper? Surely not! Sadly, most of us tend to do just that, falling into his clever little snare..

We who have this mindset seriously need to change our mindset!

Islam is for everyone and everyone has a share in dakwah. True, not everyone can write but those who have been given the ability to write can use thiis ability for dakwah.

Here comes the problem..

The stereotype existent today is that a blogger blogging with the intention of spreading Islam must blog about Islamic stuff in a very philosophical/thought-provoking/mystical/productive(are those the correct words????) manner.

This impedes some Muslim bloggers who want to spread Islam through their blogs without posting Islamic stuff or without writing in a very serious way.They hence abandon the thought altogether.

This could be avoided if we have a change of perspective. The methods of da’wah outlined for us by our Prophet pbuh do vary right?? He did not only do dakwah through words..he dakwah-ed through his actions too..

Hence, as a Muslim, we should not be narrow-minded in our ways to do dakwah through writing. If one does not really have the interest in posting Islamic stuff(and that’s okay!). One could instead be a Muslim in posting non-Islamic content, such us avoiding the use of vulgarities and being a considerate blogger etc.

Similarly, if one can’t possibly write in a serious tone or if one feels it out of one’s personality to write seriously all the time, one could write about Islam in a light tone with some humor:D This is what I’ve come to realise about myself..After blogging for a few years with over a hundred posts and my recent plunging Iman and unproductivity…

I realised that if I want to write formally and seriously, I would have to be serious and formal and if I write like so, my personality would slowly evolve into being serious and my current situation and my surroundings find seriousness a bit out of place. As a prefect which deals mostly with the lower levels, I can’t be serious..They’ll be scared of me. I have to show them that discipline is fun stuff and not all boring.

So, in the past, I used to switch between personalities(serious online and cheerful, bubbly and friendly offline) and this drains lots of my energy..(not a great choice of words..) Though I am a natural introvert who has successfully managed to be and extrovert alhamdulillah:)

Hence, as I can put off being online, due to avoid the tiredness of ‘switching’, I put off posting..

Thus…I now have decided to change the atmosphere of this blog. Inshaallah, I’ll inject my posts with some light humour, pictures as well as a light tone. The posts too would be a bit more personal and I will be tagging them(*phew* finally!). Though I might be serious in some posts if I feel like it..

If writing does not come naturally ie. forced, it will be compromising on its quality.

So, to summarise…

Being consistent not only depend on intentions…it too depends on whether one loves the job or not.

If one does not love the job, don’t give it up just yet. Look into the methods employed in carrying out the task and try varying these methods into a more suitable one that interests one for often, we humans tend to ‘hate a job’ but actually, we’re actually hating doing it. So, if we develop the methods in such a way that we’d like them, we may end up liking the job and hence, we’ll have sustained interest to have consistency in doing it.

I feel that this post has been a bit too lengthy so I’ll just end here. For further reading on procrastination and stress, you dear readers can have a look at these slides I’ve made when I conducted a sharing session in my school based on a productivemuslim talk I attended here.

The file: ae.pdf 

It may seem very vague so inshaAllah, I’m planning to post about it in the future:)

To conclude, the picture above has only one big picture..hint: look until you can really sea the big picture….get it??:D

Hope this post has been of some benefit by the Grace of Allah, where all the good stuff here is from Him while all the discrepancies here are from yours truly..

May He gives us all the ability to enjoy and savour every letter we write(or rather, type out) in an effort to be consistent Muslim bloggers on the path of spreading this beautiful gem for all to appreciate and experience..Ameen:)


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I have alhamdulillah completed my exams a few weeks ago. I have planned lots of projects and posts to further develop and diversify the content on this blog.

But, as Allah says in Surah Al-Anfaal verse 30…

Upon completing my exams, I suffered from severe iman deterioration due to several factors, among which is mega time wastage due to the lack of motivation to be productive and also fatigue from non-stop ‘productivity’(which is just an excuse for me to sleep away 2/3 of each and every day). Not forgetting the food (junk food) I’ve been stuffing myself with plus the lack of exercise(I had a knack for not being punctual sadly:( and hence, I usually breeze walk or run for about 700m every single day to get to school on time)

So, alhamdulillah, I managed to slowly nourish back my iman beginning with this post here today:) I sourced for sites to motivate me to sustain this nourishment so as not to return back to those dark times..SubhanAllah, only He knows what I really needed as I found these sites here:    and    and   and

Do check them out!:D

In addition, I found this amazing du’a from

and this… I deserve to cut myself some slack and chill a while due to all the ‘good’ I’ve done so far? I don’t think so…!

and this….

"hmm..I wonder what the mountains thought of when I was born..." *sarcasm* Who am I to "relax" for weeks when Rasulullahs PBUH did not take any time off from da'wah? Who am I really, compared to him??

“hmm..I wonder what the mountains thought of when I was born…” *sarcasm*
Who am I to “relax” for weeks when Rasulullahs PBUH did not take any time off from da’wah? Who am I really, compared to him?? (Being hard on myself gives me motivation for self-improvement:D)

I request your du’a for Allah to help me and all the brothers and sisters out there to sustain this nourishment as indeed this is a test I believe that is common to us all..

All the good and beneficial stuff here is from the Most High and all discrepancies here are from yours truly

Jazakumullah Khayr Wassalaamu a’laikum wr. wb.:)

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