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Knock for success


I had to follow suit,
But i can’t seem to go past the external,
For inside me, a war is raging and i seem to be losing..
I struggle..every second..yearning for the Truth to be followed..
But alas, time and again i fell prey to my desires..being lured into the cave of the dunya and being pounced upon by my nafs in the dark dark tunnels meant to lead astray those who want to be led astray….

What’s the use of looking pious
If its all skin deep..
I need to win this battle, fight my way out of this cave
I need to emerge victorious!

The question is……how??


Question: How do you get a door to open?

Answer: There are 2 options…

1) Strive really really hard to unlock its multiple state-of-the-art locks using all sorts of expensive tools you’d worked really really hard to obtain

2) Knock and it will be opened for you

Its up to us to choose what suits us best:))

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli nia’mihi alayya..


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